Bongo’s Cuban Café Express Menu

Disney Springs | West Side

Bongo's Cuban Café Express Menu

Bongo’s Cuban Café Express offers take out items from Gloria Estefan’s Bongo Cuban restaurant.

Restaurant Info: Cuban, Lunch/Dinner A la carte, $ – under $14.99 per adult

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Bongo’s Cuban Café Express All-Day Menu

Menu Date: 04/2018

Cuban Snacks

Cuban Party Box – Ham Croquette, Hand-breaded Stuffed Potato with Beef, Mini Cuban Sandwich and Guava Pastry – $12.00

Classic Cuban Garlic Toast – Tostadas Cubanas con Ajo – $3.00

Roasted Pork Empanada – Empanadas de Lechón Asado, traditional fresh baked Cuban empanadas – $4.00

Roasted Chicken Empanada – Empanadas de Pollo Asado, traditional fresh baked Cuban empanadas – $4.00

Cuban Criolla Ground Beef Empanada – Empanadas de Picadillo, tradtional fresh baked Cuban empanadas – $4.00

Hand-Breaded Stuffed Potatoes with Beef – Papas Rellena, Hand-breaded Mashed Potato stuffed with authentic Cuban Criollo Ground Beef – $2 each

Ham Croquettes – Croquetas de Jamon Tradicional, Abuela’s classic recipe made with a creamy béchamel sauce – $2.00 each

Soups & Salads

Classic Chicken Soup – Sopa de Pollo, traditional homemade recipe – $6.00

Bongos House Salad – Ensalada de la Casa, locally sourced fresh Greens, sliced Tomatoes, Onions, Cucumbers and Carrots – $8.00
with Chicken – $12.00

Caesar Salad – Ensalada Caesar, chopped Romaine Lettuce tossed in Caesar Dressing, topped with Parmesan Cheese and homemade Cuban Bread Croutons – $8.00
with Chicken – $12.00

Sandwiches & Wraps

All Sandwiches are toasted, pressed and served with French fries.

Cuban Sandwich – Our famous classic sandwich made with our award winning slow roasted pork, ham, pickles, Swiss cheese & mustard on Cuban bread – $12.00

Midnight Sandwich – Our award winning slow roasted pork, ham, pickles, Swiss cheese & mustard served on sweet bread – $12.00

Cuban Roasted Pork Sandwich – Our award-winning Slow Roasted Mojo Marinated Pulled Pork, Grilled Onion and Mojo served on Cuban Bread – $12.00

Chicken Caesar Wrap – A tortilla layered with chicken breast, lettuce, croutons, Caesar dressing & Parmesan cheese in a wrap – $12.00

Lechon Flatbread – Crispy Flatbread baked in-house topped with our award-winning Roasted Pork, Mozzarella Cheese and Sweet Plantains drizzled with Organic Honey – $12.00

Cheese Flatbread – Crispy Flatbread baked in-house topped with Marinara Sauce and Mozzarella Cheese – $10.00


Chicken Bites – Chicharrones de Pollo, Breaded Chicken Bites served with Sweet Plantains and Cilantro Aioli – $12.00

Cuban Criolla Beef – Picadillo, traditional Cuban Criollo Ground Beef with Onions, Peppers and Olives served with White Rice – $12.00

Side Orders

French Fries – $5.00

Plantain Chips – $5.00

Black Beans – $5.00

Sweet Plantains – $6.00

Green Plantains – $6.00

Kids’ Meals

Mini Cuban Sandwich – slow roasted pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles & mustard on Cuban bread, served with French fries – $8.00

Mini Midnight Sandwich – slow roasted pork, ham, pickles, Swiss cheese & mustard on sweet bread, served with French fries – $8.00

Chicken Bites – served with French fries – $8.00


Traditional Flan – Cuban style custard topped with caramel – $4.00

Guava Pastry – Rich pastry filled with guava – $5.00

Cuban Cheese Pastry Pastry – Rich pastry filled with cheese – $5.00

Chocolate Chip Cookie – $3.00


Cuban Coffee – $5.00

Coffee with Steamed Milk – $5.00

Coffee Latte – $5.00

Cappuccino – $5.00

American Coffee – $3.00

Hot Chocolate – $4.00

Hot Tea – $3.00

American Coffee – $3.00

Milk – $3.00

Chocolate Milk – $3.00

Assorted Fountain Drinks – Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite Ginger Ale, Pink Lemonades, Iced Tea – $4.00 regular, $7.00 large

Latin Sodas (Canned) – Materva, Malta India, Jupina or Ironbeer – $4.00

Juice – Mango, Guava, Peach, Apple, & Orange – $4.00

Bottled Water – $2.00

Assorted Frozen Beverages – Lemonade or Strawberry – $4.00 regular, $7.00 large

Beers and Wines

Cigar City Beers – Jai Alai & Invasion  – $7.00

Persimmon Hollow Brewing – Daytona Dirty Blonde & Beach Hippie IPA – $7.00

Imported Beers – Corona, Corona Light, Stella or Heineken – $7.00

Domestic Beers – Budweiser or Bud Light – $6.00

Corona Light Draft – $5.00

Red Sangria Glass – $6.00

Estefan Kitchen Merlot, California – $8.00

Estefan Kitchen Chardonnay, California – $8.00


** Bongo’s Cuban Café Express Menu and Prices are Subject to Change Without Notice **

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