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TTC CoffeeTTC Coffee

TTC Coffee Kiosk

Menu Date: 07/08

This coffee kiosk is located near the monorail ramps at theTicket and Transportation Center.   This is a great place to get a pick me up drink for your ride on the ferry  or monorail, perhaps even on your way back to your car after a long day at the Magic Kingdom.   The line at TTC Coffee is usually short so it’s a convenient place to pick up your morning coffee.   Coffee is the popular Joffreys that you can find available all over Walt Disney World Property and is not the only beverage available here, you can find hot and cold beverages to satisfy everyone in your traveling party.

Restaurant Info: Beverage Kiosk, quick service, $

Coffee (Hot or Iced) – small $2.50, medium $3.25, large $4.00

Espresso – medium $3.00

Cappuccino – small $4.00, medium $4.75, large $5.50

Latte – small $4.00, medium $4.75, large $5.50

Mocha – small $4.50, medium $5.25, large $6.00

Flavored Latte (Hot or Iced) – small $4.50, medium $5.25, large $6.00
Vanilla, Caramel, Hazelnut, or Irish Cream

Tea (Hot or Iced) – small $2.50, medium $3.25, large $4.00

Hot Chocolate – small $3.25, medium $4.00, large $4.75

Frozen Mocha – small $4.50, medium $5.25, large $6.00

Smoothie – small $4.50, medium $5.25, large $6.00

Whole Milk, Skim Milk and Soy Milk Available

Dasani Water – $2.50

Soft Drinks – Coke, Diet Coke or Sprite – $2.50

Juice – $3.00
Various Pastries – $3.00

Sales Tax  Is Included in the pricing


** The Menu and The Prices are Subject to Change Without Notice **


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