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Universal Epic Universe

Epic Universse Front Gate
©Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Orlando Resort continues to redefine themed entertainment. They continue to raise the bar through innovation, unimaginable storytelling and game-changing technology.

In 2025, the Universal Orlando Resort will unveil Universal Epic Universe. Epic Universe will present a level of theme park immersion that is unmatched. This new theme park experience will transport Guests to expansive worlds. The park will feature more than 50 awe-inspiring attraction, entertainment, dining and shopping experiences that come together to create an unforgettable adventure that is nothing short of epic.

Celestial Park Park Arrival Look Back 1024x545
©Universal Orlando Resort

The addition of Universal Orlando’s fourth theme park will also transform the award-winning resort into a weeklong vacation destination filled with even more compelling experiences.

Celestial Park At Night 1024x576
©Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Epic Universe will be an experience like no other when it debuts in 2025. Here’s what we know:


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The Lands at Universal Epic Universe

Celestial Park Map Visual With World Logos 16x9 1 1024x576
©Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Epic Universe will be divided into five different sections. Attractions and shows can be found throughout the park. Epic Universe invites Guests to explore these vibrant worlds filled with extraordinary and culturally relevant adventures that go beyond their wildest imaginations.

Celestial Park

Celestial Park Luna Overlook 1024x384
©Universal Orlando Resort

At the heart of Universal Epic Universe and the first world that Guests will encounter is Celestial Park. With acres of rolling gardens, chasing waterways and strolling pathways, Celestial Park will put the “park” back in “theme park.” Universal Orlando revealed even more detail about the wonders to enjoy while exploring this world. Celestial Park will also be the gateway to explore the four additional worlds of Epic Universe through a set of majestic portals.

Celestial Park The Chaos Overlook 1024x384
©Universal Orlando Resort

With acres of rolling gardens, chasing waterways and strolling pathways, Celestial Park puts the “park” back in “theme park.” As soon as guests enter the imaginative world, they’ll embark on a journey of discovery, thrills and excitement as they wander through lush living gardens nestled along shimmering waters surrounded by stunning architecture inspired by astronomical and mythological elements. Here, Guests can relax while taking in the sights and sounds around them, board a shooting comet for an exhilarating roller coaster adventure, dine on delectable cuisine, shop exclusive merchandise to commemorate their visit and more.


©Universal Orlando Resort
Celestial Park Starfall Racers 1024×576
  • Starfall Racers – located in Celestial Park at Universal Epic Universe – is a dual-launch racing coaster that sends guests rocketing through the skies aboard comets in a race to see who’s the fastest of them all. Reaching speeds up to 62 mph and heights up to 133 feet along 5,000 feet of track, Starfall Racers will be Epic Universe’s most thrilling coaster experience with unique maneuvers such as the “Celestial Spin,” in which the two coaster vehicles perform an inverted crisscross while speeding through the air – creating an “out-of-this-world” adrenaline rush.
Celestial Park Constellation Carousel Epic Universe
©Universal Orlando Resort
  • Constellation Carousel – the grand centerpiece of Celestial Park at Universal Epic Universe. Here, explorers of all ages will take a fantastical whirl aboard constellations that glide forward, backward – and even make 360-degree rotations – through the milky way in a choreographed dance of music and starlight.


Celestial Park Atlantic Exterior Epic Universe
©Universal Orlando Resort
  • Atlantic – a full-service “surf and turf” restaurant set inside a Victorian aquarium complete with captivating views of Celestial Park.
Celestial Park Preferred The Blue Dragon Pan Asian Restaurant Exterior 1024x433
©Universal Orlando Resort
  • The Blue Dragon Pan-Asian Restaurant – where diners take a culinary journey across Asia as they enjoy authentic Chinese, Japanese and Thai fare in this full-service restaurant accented with neon dragons and ethereal lanterns.


Celestial Park Nintendo Super Star Store Interior Epic Universe
©Universal Orlando Resort
  • Nintendo Super Star Store – where guests can shop an assortment of merchandise themed to SUPER NINTENDO WORLD.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Ministry of Magic

Celestial Park Wizarding World Portal Epic Universe
©Universal Orlando Resort

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter — Ministry of Magic is where Guests will discover a different era of the wizarding world. This will be an all-new land that blends 1920s wizarding Paris from the Fantastic Beasts films with the iconic British Ministry of Magic from the Harry Potter series.


Super Nintendo World

Celestial Park Super Nintendo Portal Exterior Epic Universe
©Universal Orlando Resort

Super Nintendo World is where Guests will have the opportunity to enter into the world of those iconic green pipes! Here they will discover a new way to play. Guests will step into the worlds of beloved characters like Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Donkey Kong.


How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk

Celestial Park How To Train Portal Epic Universe
©Universal Orlando Resort

In How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk, Guests can soar with dragons in a colorful world filled with Viking adventures. This land is based on the wildly popular “How to Train Your Dragon” film franchise.


Dark Universe

Celestial Park Dark Universe Portal Epic Universe
©Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Orlando Resort is well known for its connection to the horror genre, with Halloween Horror Nights front and center stage in September and October each year. At Universal Epic Universe, there will be a land that is specifically geared towards the fans of the dark and spooky. Dark Universe will be where Guests encounter everything from the experiments of Dr. Victoria Frankenstein to the shadowy landscape where monsters roam in a world of myth and mystery.


New Universal Orlando Resort Hotels for Epic Universe

Helios Universal Orlando Resort
©Universal Orlando Resort

Adding to the experience at Epic Universe will be three new Universal Resort hotels. These will include sister properties, Universal Stella Nova Resort and Universal Terra Luna Resort. There will also be the majestic Universal Helios Grand Hotel – which is located inside of the theme park.

Universal Helios Grand Hotel

A spectacular world of celestial patterns and dazzling constellations – complete with 500 guest rooms, one-of-a-kind views of Epic Universe and its very own dedicated entrance into the theme park. Opening in 2025.

Universal Stella Nova Resort

01 Universal Stella Nova Resort Exterior
©Universal Orlando Resort

A tranquil space with 750 guest rooms inspired by the infinite vastness of the unknown universe, where galaxies spiral ever outward and unknown worlds revolve around unnamed stars. Featuring tranquil accommodations, Universal Stella Nova Resort is inspired by distant galaxies, new stars and mysterious black holes. Opening January 21, 2025.

Universal Terra Luna Resort

01 Universal Terra Luna Resort Exterior
©Universal Orlando Resort

A landing zone for relaxation and recharging between the fun – featuring 750 guest rooms, terrestrial tones and sweeping curves to inspire thoughts of exploring new worlds. Universal Terra Luna Resort is inspired by the massive and diverse planetary elements of the universe. Opening February 25, 2025.

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Introducing Universal Epic Universe

Universal shared a great video of what Guests can expect when they visit Epic Universe. Take a look:

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