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Salt & Straw

Discover taste-provoking ice cream at this family-run scoop shop! Stop by for their ever-evolving menu, created in collaboration with chefs, farmers, food movements, social causes and more.

Salt & Straw is located in Disney Springs. Find more Walt Disney World dining locations on our Walt Disney World menus page.

Restaurant Info: Quick Service, $

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Salt & Straw Menu

Menu Date: 01/2023

Salt & Straw Pricing

Single Scoop – $6.95

Double Scoop – $9.50

Kid’s Scoop – $5.75

Pint – $12.95

Waffle Cones – $2.00

Split Scoop – $.50

Sprinkles – $.50

Topo Chico – $3.50

Ice Cream

Seasonal Flavors

Bananas Foster
A banana infused coconut cream with a luscious swirl of banana caramel spiced with rum and molasses

Chocolate Sorbet
A perfectly simple chocolate infused sorbet

Peanut Butter Brittle Caramel Fudge
A vanilla coconut cream with a peanut butter brittle swirl and streaks of caramel fudge

Toasted Oat Milk and Cookies
A toasted oat milk cream with hunks of chewy chocolate chip cookies and dense chocolate ganache

Red Velvet Cake w/ Cream Cheese Frosting
A red velvet cake batter infused coconut cream with chunks of red velvet cake slathered in vegan cream cheese icing and red velvet cake crumbs

Classic Flavors

Sea Salt with Caramel Ribbons
Mark Bitterman, the world’s first selmelier, collaborated with us on this reimagined salted caramel flavor. We ribbon dark house caramel into ice cream generously salted with Bitterman’s fleur de sel from Guatemala. Made with Bitterman Salt (Contains: Milk)

Double Fold Vanilla
An ordinary vanilla ice cream, this is not. Our friends at Singing Dog provide both ground vanilla beans and double-fold extract, meaning over twice the amount of the highest-quality vanilla pods make their way into our sweet cream. Made with Singing Dog Vanilla (Contains: Milk)

Chocolate Gooey Brownie
For everyone who eats warm brownies right out of the pan. Fudgy chocolate-y brownies get folded into an intensely rich chocolate ice cream. (Contains: Milk, Wheat, Eggs)

Panther Coffee Chocolate Tres Leches
Full-bodied Panther espresso steeped two ways cultivates the perfect coffee ice cream to accompany our intense tres leches cake swirl made with cocoa, dark chocolate, and coconut-infused anejo rum from Coconut Cartel. Made with Panther Coffee and Coconut Cartel (Contains: Milk, Wheat, Eggs, Tree Nuts (coconut))

Salted, Malted, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Made with the same bold malt you’d use to brew amber ale, our cookie dough is perfectly salty—we use two types of salt. Thick malted fudge rounds it all out. (Contains: Milk, Wheat)

Cinnamon Snickerdoodle
We fold our house-baked chewy snickerdoodle cookies into ice cream that’s spiked with the most intensely spiced, warm cinnamon. Made with Red Ape Cinnamon (Contains: Milk, Wheat, Eggs)

Honey Lavender
We steep heaps of fragrant lavender petals to make a syrup, then infuse it into cream, bringing out a smoky lilac hue and floral punch followed by a sweet touch of honey on your tongue. (Contains: Milk)

Strawberry Honey Balsamic with Black Pepper
A strawberry triple threat. We steal a trick from the Italians, using balsamic and citrusy cubeb black pepper to help coax out the fruit’s acidity and brightness. (Contains: Milk)

The Salty Donut Guava + Cheese
Family-run craft donut shoppe, The Salty Donut, makes works of art out of fried dough. We pay homage to our favorite, Guava + Cheese, with cream cheese ice cream, glazed brioche donut chunks, rich Florida guava curd, and puffed pastry streusel. Made with The Salty Donut (Contains: Milk, Wheat, Eggs)

Arbequina Olive Oil
Ice cream illuminates this incredible Oregon olive oil’s velvety texture and tropical, grassy notes. At once simple and wildly complex. (Contains: Milk)

Freckled Mint Chocolate Chip (v)
Coconut and pure Oregon mint oil coalesce into a delicate, floral ice cream, freckled with organic dark chocolate. Made with Seely Mint (Contains: Tree Nuts (coconut), Soy)

Roasted Pineapple Coconut Sherbet (v)
Something magical happens when you roast pineapples. While already amazing in their natural state, once you roast a pineapple, it caramelizes the sugars, making them even more irresistible — think pineapple rings right off the grill. We simply blend the roasted fruit with coconut cream and churn in our ice cream makers. (Contains: Tree Nuts (coconut))


** Salt & Straw Menu and Prices are Subject to Change Without Notice **

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