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Main Street Electrical Parade

Main Street Electrical Parade

The Main Street Electrical Parade ended its run at the Magic Kingdom in 2017.

A Disney Parks classic, the Main Street Electrical Light Parade provides a dazzling night time extravaganza of music, wonder, and magic. With its start at Disneyland in 1972, the Main Street Electrical Light Parade has provided fun for the whole family for decades. With its reopening in 2010 at Walt Disney World Resort, guests can experience this nightly attraction shortly following sundown. Set to the tune of a catchy techno theme, thousands of lights come to life on favorite Disney characters.

Viewing locations     Fun Facts

Viewing Locations

As the name indicates, the Main Street Electrical Parade can be viewed from Main Street USA; this is the most crowded and popular viewing location. The parade can also be viewed from Liberty Square and Frontierland.  The entire parade route can be viewed on the Magic Kingdom park map. There is often more than one performance of the parade each night. It is generally possible to watch the parade then Celebrate the Magic and finally Wishes all from the same spot on Main Street USA. The second performance of the parade is normally less crowded than the first showing.

It is possible to get a preferred viewing location for the Main Street Electrical Parade by reserving the Main Street Electrical Parade Dining Package. This package includes lunch at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant, and then a reserved viewing location for the parade. After dining at lunch, guests participating in this package will receive a voucher that will gain them entrance into the reserved viewing area for the parade. By utilizing this package guests can avoid the necessity of arriving early to obtain a good spot on Main Street.

Fun Facts

  • The Main Street Electrical Parade originally deputed in Disneyland in California in 1972. The parade came to the Magic Kingdom in Florida in 1999. It was replaced by Spectromagic, but returned in 2010.
  • The music for the parade is a repetitive, techno, synthesizer heavy soundtrack called Baroque Hoedown.
  • The parade is led by Tinkerbell.
  • The parade’s finale is a  huge 122 foot long patriotic float.
  • The parade features many lights that decorate the floats and the costumes worn by performers.
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