Napping in Walt Disney World

Can you handle a marathon day at Walt Disney World? Can your kids? Between the Florida heat and the magical sensory overload that Disney provides, sometimes you just REALLY need a break! When it seems that all your careful planning is falling apart and everyone is too tired to go on, rather than shouting “Keep Moving Forward!” it may be best to rest. Napping is great in general, and napping in Walt Disney World is even greater. Here is a list of the best places for napping in Walt Disney World.

Magic Kingdom      Epcot      Hollywood Studios      Animal Kingdom

Magic Kingdom

Main Street USA

Napping on the train
Lay back and let the train rock you to sleep!

Mickey Ears IconWalt Disney World Railroad – The Walt Disney World Railroad encircles the Magic Kingdom. The round trip is around 20 minutes, the perfect amount of time for a nap. So, choose a row, sit back, and relax. In addition, the Main Street train station has nice benches that may make for a nice napping place.

Mickey Ears IconFirst Aid and Baby Care Center: This facility is a great place for you and/or your baby to decompress.


Mickey Ears IconGaston’s Tavern: This restaurant not only serves delicious cinnamon rolls, but it is also quite dimly lit. The perfect set-up for a nice nap.

Mickey Ears IconMickey’s Philharmagic: Philharmagic is an excellent 3D show, but it is also a great place for a snooze. Once those 3D glasses are on and the lights are out, no one will ever notice your light snores.

Mickey Ears IconTangled Restrooms: This napping in Walt Disney World stuff is easy. The Tangled themed rest area has comfortable benches and plug-ins for your phone. While you rest and recharge, so can all your electronic devices.


Mickey Ears IconCarousel of Progress: The Carousel of Progress is a wonderfully nostalgic attraction, that doubles as a dark, comfortable place for napping in Walt Disney World.

Mickey Ears IconCosmic Rays Starlight Café: This restaurant can be pretty loud, but there is a LOT of seating, and if you are tired enough, a place to sit is all you need before you are out like a light.

Mickey Ears IconTomorrowland Terrace Restaurant: This restaurant is closed during off seasons, providing you with an excellently quiet corner of the park in which to slumber.

Mickey Ears IconTomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover: This attraction slowly tours Tomorrowland. As the light breeze created by your motion lulls you to sleep, you might just be able to forget that it is over a 100 degrees.


Mickey Ears IconThe Enchanted Tiki Room: This attraction is vibrant, funny, and a wonderfully air-conditioned place for a short break.

Liberty Square

Mickey Ears IconColumbia Harbor House Upstairs: This super-secret place of quiet and calm is only discovered by truly dedicated Walt Disney World nappers. Head upstairs in the Columbia Harbor House restaurant for a respite from the crowds.

Mickey Ears IconHall of Presidents: A truly patriotic and inspiring attraction, the Hall of Presidents can put you to sleep as quickly as your 7th grade history teacher.

Mickey Ears IconRocking Chairs: Liberty Square is home to a few porches with peaceful rocking chairs. It’s no wonder our nation’s founding fathers were so brilliant, they were well-rested from the swaying of front-porch rocking chairs.

Mickey Ears IconLiberty Square Riverboat: The riverboat takes you on a lovely tour of the Rivers of America. Let the rippling water lull you into a nice nap as you drift along.


Mickey Ears IconCountry Bear Jamboree: This theater is quite loud with some rowdy songs, but with the dim lighting, a back row bench could become a napping place.

Mickey Ears IconTom Sawyer Island: This island is full of places to run out energy. When you run out of energy, though, there are plenty of quiet places to find sweet sleep.

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Future World

Mickey Ears IconSpaceship Earth: “Thank the Phoenicians” for this peaceful, nap-worthy attraction.

Mickey Ears IconInnoventions: Since the majority of this pavilion is closed, it makes a great place for napping in Walt Disney World.

Mickey Ears IconBehind Character Spot and Starbucks: Here, in the blissful air-conditioning, is a hallway with a bench and a restroom. Who could ask for a better napping setup?

Mickey Ears IconCircle of Life Theater: Protecting the environment is important to the planet’s survival. A nap is important for yours.

Mickey Ears IconSeabase: Allow the giant aquarium to help you drift off into the big blue world of sleep.

Mickey Ears IconDisney and Pixar Short Film Festival: Have you ever napped in a movie theater? You can now.

World Showcase

Mickey Ears IconQuiet Corners in each Country: The World Showcase pavilions are intricate and detailed, most people do not take the time to explore all the nooks and crannies these places have to offer. While you take your time and appreciate these works of art, you may just find a few fantastic places for having a lie-down.

Mickey Ears IconAmerican Adventure: This attraction inspires “Golden Dreams,” or whatever dreams you may have while napping in Walt Disney World.

Mickey Ears IconImpressions de France: A peaceful tour of France, accompanied by a beautifully sleep-inducing soundtrack.

Napping on the floor
For Pro-Level Nappers: an attraction lobby floor makes a nice napping place.

Hollywood Studios

This park is probably the most challenging place to rest currently, due to the limited number of attractions because of the coming Star Wars Land expansion.

Sunset Boulevard

Mickey Ears IconBeauty and the Beast Stage Show: This stage show is not indoors and does not have padded benches, but it may work if you are desperate for some shut-eye.

Animation Courtyard

Mickey Ears IconOne Man’s Dream: This museum dedicated to Walt Disney, also provides a quiet place for some sleep.

Mickey Ears IconStar Wars Launch Bay: While there are some exciting things happening here, there is also a great film room for a brief respite.

Muppet Courtyard

Mickey Ears IconMuppet-Vision 3D: This attraction may be a little loud, but it is indoors, air-conditioned, and has comfortable seats. Naptime!

Mickey Ears IconPizzeRizzo: Downstairs, this restaurant can sometimes be quite crowded with guests trying to find something to do at Hollywood Studios. Upstairs, however, you can find an often vacant area to hide out and snooze.

Animal Kingdom


Mickey Ears IconFestival of the Lion King: One of the best shows on property, the Festival of the Lion King may also provide a resting place for the weary body.

Mickey Ears IconRafiki’s Planet Watch: This attraction is a great place for napping! There are plenty of benches and cool air. If you really want a great nap, check out the dark and quiet sound-booths, literally napping closets.

Napping on a train
So tired that Napping while sitting up is not a problem.

Mickey Ears IconWildlife Express Train: This is a great place to nap on your way to nap at Rafiki’s Planet Watch.


Mickey Ears IconFinding Nemo: The Musical: Another of Walt Disney World’s greatest shows, the “Big Blue World” can still be a wonderful place for some sleepy time.

Mickey Ears IconUP! A Great Bird Adventure: This attraction is another show that allows for a good long time sitting down; a perfect place for a rest. The only trouble is the lack of air-conditioning.


Mickey Ears IconOasis Exhibits: This area is filled with cool caves and quiet benches that can easily become napping places.

Discovery Island

Mickey Ears IconFlame Tree Barbeque: This restaurant serves of some great food. Once your tummy is full, head to some of the back seating areas, a great place to rest and digest.

Mickey Ears IconIt’s Tough to Be a Bug: A dark room and 3D glasses, mean that no one will realize you are asleep, but beware of stinging bugs!

DinoLand USA

Mickey Ears IconBoneYard: While outdoors, this area has plenty of benches for parents who would rather nap while the kids play.

Napping on a bench
At the end of the day there is nothing greater than a nap while waiting on the bus.