Festival of Fantasy Parade

Magic Kingdom

Viewing Locations     Fun Facts

The Festival of Fantasy Parade occurs at 3:00 daily in the Magic Kingdom. This parade is a fantastic opportunity to view both rare and familiar Disney characters.

Viewing Locations

The Festival of Fantasy parade route can be viewed on the Magic Kingdom park map. The route begins in Frontierland and runs through Liberty Square and down Main Street USA. Main Street is the most crowded viewing location, but it is often preferred by guests because of Cinderella Castle. Most anywhere along the parade route provides a good view of the parade. By searching out a viewing location early, you will be able to see the parade with no one blocking your view, this may lead to some character interaction as the parade goes by. If you do not wish to find a viewing location early, it is okay to walk up as the parade is beginning. It is likely that you will be standing behind other guests, but the parade floats are very tall so your view will not be limited very much.


Fun Facts

  • The Festival of Fantasy Parade features many popular characters.

Tink in Festival of Fantasy Parade


  • The Tangled float features huge swinging arms with ruffians including Flynn Rider hanging on and swinging over the crowd.
  • There is a princess float that features the ever popular, Anna and Elsa.
  • The Maleficent dragon float is 26 feet tall and breathes fire. Proceeding this float is Prince Phillip who is fighting the evil Maleficent along the Festival of Fantasy parade route.
  • The Festival of Fantasy parade float of the Maleficent dragon was designed in collaboration with Michael Curry who was a prominent designer of the Tapestry of Nations parade from Epcot’s millennium celebration along with the Finding Nemo show at Animal Kingdom.Maleficent float
  • The final float in the parade is also the tallest. This hot air balloon float features Mickey and Minnie Mouse waving to their adoring fans.
  • Mark Hammond composed the music for Festival of Fantasy parade. He has also written pieces that are featured in Disneyland and Hong Kong Disney theme parks.
  • The Festival of Fantasy Parade debuted on March 9, 2014.