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Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

The main mountain peak of Big Thunder Mountain with a train car going down the track.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad takes guests on “the wildest ride in the wilderness,” a wild but mild roller coaster ride featuring numerous curves, hills, and small drops.

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Ride Information

Opening Day: November 15, 1980

Type of Ride: Roller Coaster

Age Recommendation: 7 and up

Duration of Ride: 3 minutes 26 seconds

Typical Queue Time: Long; often upwards of one hour

Single Rider Line: No

Chicken Exit Available: Yes

Baby Swap Available: Yes

Type of Vehicle: Roller coaster cars accommodating up to two people per row

Type of Restraint: Lap bar

Attraction Open During Extended Evening Hours: Yes; evening. See our Extended Evening Hours page for more information.

Ride Photo Available For Purchase: No

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Ride Restrictions

Height Requirements: 40 inches

Flash Photography or Video Allowed: No

Safety, Accessibility, and Guest Policies

Accessibility: Must Transfer from Wheelchair/ECV

Guest Policies: Children under age 7 years must be accompanied by a person age 14 years or older.

Advisory: For safety, guests should be in good health and free from high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems, motion sickness, or other conditions that could be aggravated by this adventure. Expectant mothers should not ride.


Park Map of Magic Kingdom:


Other Rides/Attractions In the Area:

This attraction is located in the Magic Kingdom’s Frontierland.

Shopping: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad merchandise can be purchased at the Briar Patch, adjacent to Splash Mountain.

Dining/Refreshment: Golden Oak Outpost and Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Café are situated near Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Frontierland. The former eatery offers a variety of loaded waffle fries while the later specializes in Tex-Mex meals, including rice bowls, fajitas, and burritos.  For those seeking a sit-down meal, the colonial-themed Liberty Tree Tavern is located in the adjacent Liberty Square.

Restroom:  Restrooms are located near Frontierland’s Walt Disney World Railroad station, between Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain.

Smoking Location: Smoking is permitted in designated smoking areas only. Disney parks are smoke free.

View from the top of the first hill of Big Thunder Mountain.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Fun Facts

Did you know?

  • An old west theme permeates Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad reaches a top speed of 30 miles-per-hour.
  • In 2013, interactive elements were added to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad’s queue. These elements were based on a newly developed storyline, where an aristocratic prospector named Barnabas T. Bullion seeks greater fortune through his operation of the Big Thunder Mining Company at Big Thunder Mountain.
  • Other versions of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad are featured at the Disneyland parks in California, Tokyo, and Paris. The most unique version is that at Disneyland Paris, where the experience occurs on what is Tom Sawyer Island at the Magic Kingdom after tunneling under water.
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was the second of the three mountain attractions at the Magic Kingdom to debut, following Space Mountain and preceding Splash Mountain.

Hidden Mickeys:

  • During the first hill climb, pay attention to the cavern to the right of the train. Find a Hidden Mickey among the stalagmites and pools of water near the bottom of the cavern.
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A view from the bottom of Big Thunder Mountain looking up at the mountain with some of the track covering the peak.

Top 5 Tips for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

  • Ride in the back of the train for an even wilder experience.
  • Consider riding late in the day or at night for a slightly intenser experience.
  • If timed correctly, guests can get a great view of the fireworks from the hills of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.
  • Of the Magic Kingdom’s roller coasters, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad has greater scare potential than Fantasyland’s “Barnstormer Starring The Great Goofini” and “Seven Dwarfs Mine Train,” respectively, but less scare potential than Tomorrowland’s “Space Mountain.” Keep this in mind when choosing the first coaster of your day.
  • Take in the sights of Frontierland while enjoying the coaster.
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