Riders Switch Information and Tips

Rider Switch

Riders Switch Information and Tips

What is Riders Switch?

Sometimes every person in the family may not want to or may not be capable of experiencing an attraction.  Riders Switch (it is also known as Riders Swap or Child Swap) is a wonderful and helpful feature which allows parents or guardians in your party to take turns waiting with a child who is too small to partake in an attraction or with a person who is unable or unwilling to ride. This is an excellent perk offered by Disney which allows all others in the party to experience the attraction. This feature is available at select attractions at all four of the Walt Disney World Parks. This feature is not available on rides where infants and disabled are able to ride, such as it’s a small world and Pirates of the Caribbean, since they are accessible and an infant can ride on your lap.

How to Utilize Rider Switch

Follow these steps in order to utilize rider switch at Walt Disney World Parks, and save valuable time spent waiting in line.

  1. First of all, prior to entering the line queue, inquire with the Cast Member to ensure that Riders Switch is offered on that attraction.
  2. Once your party has reached the attraction, inform the Cast Member you will be utilizing Rider Switch. At which time, at least one adult (age 14 or older) and member of the party not riding will be given a Riders Switch pass.  At least one adult 14 or older must remain with the non-riding family member.
  3. Once the first party exits the ride, they will then join the non-riding family member.
  4. Finally, the remaining adult who was waiting will then present their riders switch pass to the Cast Member and board the ride without having to wait in the queue. If this person waited alone with the non-rider, they may choose one person to ride with them. The original riders will now wait with the non-rider.
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Attractions that Utilize Rider Switch at the Walt Disney World Theme Parks

Magic Kingdom


Storybook Circus



Disney’s Hollywood Studios 

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Mouse For Less Tips

MickeyThe child not riding the attraction must be present at the time of requesting the Rider Swap ticket in order to take advantage of Rider Swap.