Making Fastpass+ Reservations on the App

Make FP on MDE App

There are two ways to make FastPass+ reservations ahead of your arrival – either on the desktop version of My Disney Experience or on on app.

The basic function of these two versions of My Disney Experience is the same. Although sometimes guests prefer one version over the other and so many of us have our phones more readily available than our computers or laptops.

The basic steps to making a FastPass+ reservation are the same whether you use the app or the desktop.

First, log on to your My Disney Experience account.

MDE App Login

Then use the menu to select FastPass+. If you don’t see the screen below, click on your Character Avatar at the bottom of the screen to view your information.

MDE App Home Screen

Here you will see a list of any FastPass+ reservations already made and have the option to create a new FP+ reservation. To add a FastPass+ reservation, click the plus on the top right of the screen.

MDE Create Fastpass

The first step to identify those people visiting the ride or attraction together.

Select MDE FP Party

Next choose the day you are riding

MDE Select FP Date

And scroll down to select the park for that day (you may only make reservations in one park per day).

MDE FP Park Selection

You will then be able to scroll through the list of available attractions. Use the filter to show more times (morning, afternoon, evening or a specific time). You will be able to select the time closest to your search. When you find what you want, click on the time to continue.

MDE FP Attraction Selection

After you select the attraction and time that suits your needs, you will need to review the details. Scroll down through the details and check the party in order to be able to click Confirm.

MDE FP Review Details

Once your choice is confirmed, you will be able to add more FastPass+ for that same day, a different day, or return and view your selections.

MDE FP Confirmation