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Walt Disney World Dining Pocket Guides

With all the electronic gadgets around, sometimes there is still nothing better then a regular paper hand held list. For everyone who likes to have the convenience of a paper list, we created the following Walt Disney World Dining Pocket Guides that can be printed out on a regular 8-1/2″ X 11″ paper and folded into a small booklet. The files are in Adobe (pdf) format. If you do not currently have an Adobe reader, you can download a free reader from Adobe.

Click on a link below to view or print:

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Disney Quick Service Plan Pocket Guide

Walt Disney World Dining Pocket Guides Folding Instructions

1. Identify
Place the printout on a flat surface with Notes on the bottom left corner and pages 3 through 6 on top.


2. Fold in Half
Fold lengthwise (top half under) so that Notes, front cover and pages 1, 2 are showing. Make all folds very neat and crisp.


3. Fold in Half
Fold Pages 1 and 2 behind so that Notes and front cover are showing.


4. Fold in Half
Fold the front page behind so only Notes is showing.


5. Unfold
Unfold the entire sheet with Notes and front cover on the bottom.




6. Cut on Dotted Line
Using scissors, cut the dotted line in the middle of the sheet. Do not cut further than page 6 or 3.



7. Fold in Half
Fold lengthwise so Notes, front page and pages 1 and 2 are showing.



8. Open the Center
Form an open, square box in the center.



9. Create a Cross Shape
Push the outer panels (Notes and page 2) towards the center.



10. Form a book
Grasping Notes and front cover, swing them around to form the cover and back of the guide.



11. Complete
Tuck the guide into your pocket or purse and enjoy Walt Disney World.

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