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Table Service Dining

Dining Gluten Free at Table Service restaurants around Walt Disney World is the easiest way to ensure there will be delicious food options that also meet your dietary needs. It is best to make an Advanced Dining Reservation (ADR) when eating at a table service restaurant at Disney. Many of the restaurants accept walk-ups, but you may have to wait a long time or they may be completely booked. This system makes gluten free dining much easier though, because you can note on your reservation that you will require a gluten free meal, along with any other requests you may have.

Typically, table service restaurants will be prepared to accommodate the most common food allergies, one of which is gluten. If you note on your reservation that you will need a gluten free meal, the restaurant will normally have several options for you to choose from so that you can have an enjoyable repast. Often the chef will come out to speak with a person who has special dietary needs to make sure that they are served a meal that they will enjoy and that will be safe for them to eat. At buffet-style dining locations, most often gluten-free items will be marked. If there are limited options a chef may prepare a separate meal that will accommodate allergies, but this is not always the case.

To make an ADR call (407) WDW-DINE or use MyDisneyExperience online or in the app. When you make your reservation simply note that a member of your party has a gluten allergy and Disney will typically take care of the rest at table service restaurants.

Quick Service Dining

Table Service dining may be the most accommodating to gluten allergies, but it is also the most time consuming and expensive way to dine at Walt Disney World. Quick-service dining does not require a reservation; guests simply walk in an order food. The majority of quick-service dining locations around Walt Disney World offer at least one gluten free meal option. This may be a pre-prepared meal that is not anything to write home about, but there will be something to eat. In the past few years, Disney has really improved the quality of their allergy-friendly dining options, and many restaurants have several options to choose from that are of good quality.

If there is not a gluten-free food option listed on the menu of a quick-service dining location, go up to the counter and ask. There is often a special allergy-friendly menu that will provide a concise list of what the dining location can make for you. Often, you can also modify a menu item to make it better suit your needs. For example, you can switch out side items or adjust toppings.

A few quick-service locations are know for having more gluten free options than other locations. In Epcot try Sunshine Seasons in the Land pavilion. This location has lots of options to choose from and most of them are delicious. Flame Tree BBQ and Satuli Canteen are both stand-out options in Animal Kingdom. In Magic Kingdom try Pinocchio’s Village Haus or Columbia Harbor House.

For snack foods, many locations will offer similar pre-packaged, gluten free items like popcorn or cookies. There are also snacks that are naturally gluten-free like the delicious and extremely popular dole whip! Don’t miss out on this tasty treat! Now, you can even skip the line by using the mobile ordering service on the MyDisneyExperience app.

TheMouseForLess Tips

Note on any advanced reservations that you will require a gluten free meal.

Bring your own snacks to save some money and ensure you have something you will like. You can have a small soft-sided cooler, just don’t bring any glass containers.

Try at least one Table Service restaurant. The chefs typically are extremely accommodating which adds to the Disney magic.

Try a Dole Whip! Naturally gluten free and extremely delicious!

Guest Experience

By Rhoda Smith

We were at WDW November 7-14, 2009. My husband had been diagnosed with Celiac Disease just a couple of months before this trip, so we suddenly had to jump into the world of gluten-free (GF) eating at WDW! I want to reassure GF eaters that it really was an easy process, even for beginners like us! The key is to do a lot of preparation and researching before you go. The more you know before, the better prepared you are for your GF dining experiences when you arrive! Planning is essential.

Some important phone numbers/email addresses to know:
General phone number for special dietary needs (call before trip): 407-824-5967
Magic Kingdom: 407-824-5967
Epcot: 407-560-7292
DHS: 407-560-1347
Animal Kingdom: 407-939-7536
specialdiets@disneyworld.com (email prior to trip)
Know that many restaurants in Epcot and all in Animal Kingdom are not Disney-owned, but still do provide GF options.

By either calling 407-824-5967 or emailing to the address above, WDW will send you an email full of information for GF dining. You want to do this as soon as possible to help with your meal planning, especially if you are using the Disney Dining Plan. There is a form to fill out with the name of the person who has the dietary restriction, contact info, restaurants with ADR’s and confirmation numbers, etc. They make sure that your dietary need is connected with each reservation. I just needs to be returned to them prior to your visit. Then they also send several lists of info regarding GF dining, including:

Guest Dietary Letter/Guest Allergy Dietary Request Form
Information on allergy-free chicken tenders
Food Allergy Dietary Reference Sheet
No-Gluten-Added Products
OP Allergy Menus for Epcot
Water Parks Menu Items
WDW Resort Dietary Sheets

We printed these off and my husband carried them with him daily.

When making ADR’s via phone, be sure to tell the Cast Member you are speaking with about your GF dietary need. They will note this on your reservation. When making online ADR’s, there is a place to “click” for special dietary needs, and “wheat allergy” is one of them. You will have to notate this with each restaurant ADR, even if they are tied to your hotel reservation.

At every table-service restaurant, the server was aware of our dietary need and the chef came to our table to discuss food options. All of the chefs were knowledgeable, some more than others, but all left us comfortable in knowing our food would be prepared GF and would be tasty! All presented the possibilities of GF options from the menu, and then offered to make something totally different if nothing sounded good. For buffet table-service restaurants, the chef took my husband around the buffet and discussed every option, declaring it either GF or not GF. (I can assure you that at all buffets, he was able to load his plate several times over!). At a non-buffet restaurant, a separate server (or the chef himself) brings out the meal on its own tray, so there is no potential for cross-contamination with the meals for the rest of the family.

At counter-service restaurants, the manager must be notified and he will review GF options with you. Then he goes back and chooses one food-preparer to prepare the food and bring it to your table, again on its’ own tray. (**know that this takes longer than the preparation of normal food, so you may want to put in your GF food order first, and then order regular food for the rest of the family, so that GF tray has a head start).

We ate at the following restaurants and had these experiences:

  • Tony’s Town Square in the MK: EXCELLENT for GF dining. Rice pasta can be substituted for all pasta dishes except the ravioli. The mushroom sauce on the grilled pork tenderloin is not gluten free so that must be left off. But otherwise all dishes can be made GF. Veggies (artichokes, broccoli, red peppers) and marinara sauce were substituted for pasta and mushroom sauce on the grilled pork tenderloin. GF rolls were provided for dipping in oil (these were cold and hard…in other restaurants the same rolls were heated and very good).
  • Pinocchio Village Haus in the MK: GF pizza is available and was very good. French fries are baked instead of fried, yogurt cup for dessert.
  • ABC Commissary in DHS: Chicken Cordon Bleu can be made on GF bun (or hamburger on GF bun). French Fries (didn’t taste like baked, may also have their own fryer) were said to be GF. Large fruit bowl for dessert. Manager stated that the salads here are pre-made and dressings are questionable as to being GF.
  • Tangierine in Morocco, Epcot: EXCELLENT for GF dining. Chicken/beef/lamb mixture with onion, olive, lettuce, hummus is served on a plate (instead of in a wrap as a gyro). GF buns are provided for hummus spread. No dessert option, but side of rice was provided since there was no dessert.
  • Garden Grill in Epcot: EXCELLENT for GF dining. Meals here are served family-style: fish, turkey and beef with potatoes, stuffing, veggies all on the same plate. For the GF eater, a separate plate of these foods is provided, with fish made without breading, stuffing left off, and no sauce on the steak or gravy on the turkey. Mashed potatoes and vegetables (squash, snow peas) are on the same plate. (To stay clear…the GF eater gets his own tray of meats/sides prepared GF. The rest of the family gets a normal tray of foods). There is also a salad and GF rolls that were very good warm. Fruit was provided for dessert.
  • Cinderella’s Royal Table in the MK: All menu options are adaptable for being gluten-free. My husband had the salmon, rice and GF rolls. An appetizer was brought to the table, containing bruschetta, cheese, greens, Mediterranean salad…be sure to ask for a GF version for the GF diner (they just leave off the bruschetta). Sorbet for dessert.
  • Columbia Harbor House in the MK: GF fried chicken and French fries, GF macaroni and cheese, big GF chocolate chip cookie (packaged) for dessert.
  • Flame Tree BBQ in AK: EXCELLENT GF dining! Either the ribs or chicken meal are GF, with baked beans and cole slaw (they use a corn-based starch). GF prepackaged brownie for dessert. **This was by far the quickest counter service meal…perhaps because no french-fries were involved?)
  • Le Cellier in Canada in Epcot: EXCELLENT GF dining! Any steaks were suitable, but the chef recommended the 14 oz NY Strip Steak or the 16 oz Kansas City Strip Steak (because the accompanying sides were GF). The KC Strip was excellent, with a side of delicious cream cheese mashed potatoes. GF rolls were provided instead of the regular breadsticks. And the best…Crème Brulee for dessert!
  • Cantina de San Angel in Mexico in Epcot: We didn’t get the name written down, but the chicken/corn tortilla dish that is the first option on the menu is GF (“something-pollo”). Comes with refried black beans and Mexican rice. There was no dessert option. (**This place seemed to be the least knowledgeable about GF preparation, language barrier did not help any. They did provide a notebook with labels of all their products used in preparations of food. The corn tortillas were GF).
  • Cosmic Ray’s at the MK: At this restaurant, there are many options and 3 service bays. The one my husband chose was a GF chicken salad, with a large GF chocolate chip cookie (packaged).

A quick summary: Here are the counter service restaurants throughout WDW which easily provide GF meals:

Magic Kingdom:


Disney Hollywood Studios:

Animal Kingdom:

THE ULTIMATE KEY is to be sure your server and chef (in table service restaurants) or the manager (at counter service restaurants) is made aware of your dietary need. You will get personalized service, one-on-one preparation and service of your meal. WDW is better about GF dining than any restaurant we have encountered outside of WDW!

***Since this guest experience was published, Disney World has slightly modified their Gluten Free Dining policies. Now, each dining location around the parks can accommodate common allergies such as gluten intolerance. At a table service restaurant nothing is different, a chef will still come to the table and prepare a meal you will enjoy. At quick-service restaurants there is now an available list of what is served in the restaurant that is gluten free. Often this ends up being chicken tenders and a gluten free chocolate chip cookie. See also: Dining at WDW with Allergies



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