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Awesome Planet

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Awesome Planet Description

Experience a call to action to protect the Earth. In a partnership with the Disney Conservation Fund, this all-new film uses in-theater effects (including wind, scents and water) to tell the story of life on our planet and why it’s vitally important to care for it.

Ride Information

Opening Day: January 17, 2020

Type of Ride: Educational movie

Age Recommendation: All ages

Duration of Ride: 15 minutes

Typical Queue Time: Less than 20 minutes, the duration until the next show

Single Rider Line: No

Chicken Exit Available: No

Baby Swap Available: No

Type of Vehicle: Theater seat

Type of Restraint: None

Attraction Open During Early Theme Park Entry: No. See our Early Theme Park Entry page for more information.

Ride Photo Available For Purchase: No

Awesome Planet Restrictions

Height Requirements: None

Flash Photography or Video Allowed: No

 Awesome Planet Location

Awesome Planet

Shopping: A wide assortment of goods and souvenirs, including apparel, Disney plush dolls, mugs, picture frames, camera equipment, pins, and candy, are available for purchase at EPCOT’s premier gift shop, “Creations.”
Dining/Refreshment: Two popular restaurants, one a full service establishment, the other a counter service eatery, are located in The Land pavilion. The former restaurant, Garden Grill, is situated adjacent to Awesome Planet on the upper level of The Land and serves family style character meals, led by Chip ‘n Dale, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Offerings at this unique location, which slowly rotates while you dine, include fruit, scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon, biscuits and gravy, and cinnamon rolls for breakfast; beef, turkey, sausage and peppers, salad, mashed potatoes, and macaroni and cheese for lunch; and rolls, salad, beef, turkey, fish, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, rice pilaf, and short cake for dinner.
On the lower level of The Land, guests can enjoy a counter service breakfast, lunch, or dinner at Sunshine Seasons. Diverse offerings include chicken, pork chops, turkey sandwiches, salmon, soups, and salads.

Restroom:  Facilities are located near Awesome Planet on the upper level of The Land.

Smoking Location: Smoking is permitted in designated smoking areas only. Disney parks are smoke free.

Awesome Planet Fun Facts


Awesome Planet

Did you know?

  • Previously, this theater was the home of Circle of Life: An Environmental Fable, which explored the relationship between humans and nature through the Lion King. It was open from January 21, 1995 to February 3, 2018.
  • Harvest Theater houses Awesome Planet on the second floor of The Land pavilion.
  • The original inhabitant of this theater was “Symbiosis,” which had a similar message, and operated in the Harvest Theater from 1982 to 1994.
  • The space sequences are created by Industrial Light & Magic (which provided the cinematic foundation for the Star Wars franchise)
  • The narrator of this film is Ty Burrell, alluding to his role in the TV show, Modern Family

Top 5 Tips for Awesome Planet

  • The conservation message is overtly enunciated throughout.  Therefore, some guests may find this to be a ‘preachy’ attraction.
  • The crowded middle part of the day, or when you need a rest, is a good time to enjoy the movie. Waits are usually nonexistent, just the duration until the next show.
  • This film is not just a film. There are also in-theater effects throughout.
  • Challenge yourself to see all of the EPCOT films in the same day!
  • Beautiful images from around the world will “wow!” you.
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