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Dining at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

Dining at Universal’s Islands of Adventure Butterbeer

Prepare for an adventure in dining at Universal’s Islands of Adventure with the Islands of Adventure Dining Guide! From epic feasts to healthy snacks you’ll find everything you need to keep your hunger and thirst at bay. You can relax and enjoy a memorable meal at the award-winning Mythos Restaurant or just grab a slice of pizza and a soft drink on the go. The Three Broomsticks in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter lets you enjoy an authentic British meal in the wizarding village of Hogsmeade. Use the Islands of Adventure Dining Guide to explore all of your options.

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Port of Entry Dining

Confisco Grille

Service Type: Full Service
Hours: Lunch and Dinner daily
Serving grilled sandwiches and burgers, soup, salads, fajitas, pasta and a number of other international dishes.  Confisco Grill also features a full bar.

Croissant Moon Bakery

Service Type: Quick Service
Hours: Lunch and Dinner daily
Delicious deli sandwiches, paninis, freshly baked pastries, and cheesecakes. A great place to enjoy breakfast, too!


Service Type: Quick Service
Hours: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Sweet tooth? No problem! Enjoy your favorite Cinnabon classic cinnamon rolls, caramel pecanbon rolls, and Cinnabon stix.

Arctic Express

Service Type: Quick Service
Hours: Noon to Park Close Daily
A great place to cool off during your adventures!  Offerings include waffle cone ice cream, sundaes, funnel cakes, and root beer floats.

 Seuss Landing Dining

The imaginative mind of Dr. Seuss never dreamed up food as delicious as this! You won’t find any Who Hash or Roast Beast, but you will find sweet snacks, frosty cold drinks, wholesome nutritious meals, and everything in between.

Dining at Universal’s Islands of Adventure Circus McGurkus Cafe

Circus McGurkus Cafe Stoo-pendous 

**Best for Families**
Service Type: Quick Service 
Hours: Lunch and Dinner daily
Circus McGurkus offers high-flying acrobatic performances while you dine on fried chicken, spaghetti, pizza, cheeseburgers and chicken Caesar salad.

Green Eggs and Ham Café

Service Type: Quick Service
Hours: Open seasonally please check park map
It’s hard to miss this café:  just look for the big, green, ham-shaped building with the giant fork on top!  It’s a great place to enjoy tasty green eggs and ham sandwiches, chicken fingers, hamburgers and cheeseburgers.

Hop On Pop Ice Cream Shop

Service Type: Quick Service
Hours: Open seasonally please check park map
It’s the perfect place to enjoy a refreshing snack! Stop by  for ice cream sundaes, a “sundae on a stick,”  waffle cones, Dippin’ Dots, and root beer floats.

Moose Juice, Goose Juice

Service Type: Quick Service
Hours: 11:00am to Park Close daily
Despite its name, no moose or goose juice will be found here!  Instead, you will find delicious snacks and drinks:  juice & frozen juice, ICEE, fresh fruit cups, churros, pretzels, and cookies.

 The Lost Continent Dining

Some say the food is enchanted. Some say it’s prepared with mystical herbs and spices to delight your senses. We’re not telling. But you’re sure to discover tempting dishes prepared from ancient and timeless recipes in The Lost Continent®.

Islands of Adventure Dining Guide | Universal Orlando Resort Mythos
Mythos located in the Last Continent

Mythos Restaurant

Service Type: Full Service
Hours: Lunch daily
Reservations: Call Universal’s Islands of Adventure Reservations at 407-224-4012.
Enjoy award-winning contemporary cuisine at Mythos Restaurant, named the “World’s Best Theme Park Restaurant” six years in a row.  Menu items include sandwiches, seafood, pizza, pasta, and salads.

Doc Sugrue’s Desert Kebab House

Service Type: Quick Service
Hours: 9:00 am to one hour before park close daily
Fine exotic cuisine fit for royalty! Selections include beef, chicken or vegetarian kebabs and Greek salads. You’ll also find hummus, Greek yogurt, fruit cups, pretzels,  churros, and a Coke® Freestyle station.

Fire Eater’s Grill

Service Type: Quick Service
Hours: 11:00am to Park Close daily
This popular food location in Sindbad’s Bazaar is known for its delicious grilled gyros, fiery chicken stingers, chicken fingers, hot dogs and salads.

Jurassic Park Dining

Whether you’re a carnivore or a herbivore you’ll find your niche in the food chain in Jurassic Park®. Enjoy a T-rex sized meal, a tasty snack, or just relax with a cool drink. If you hear a thunderous roar, it won’t be your stomach!

Dining at Universal’s Islands of Adventure Pizza Predattoria
Pizza Predattoria located in Jurassic Park

Pizza Predattoria

Service Type: Quick Service
Dining Hours: Lunch and Dinner daily
The dinosaurs may be extinct, but tasty pizza isn’t! Jurassic Park’s  Italian eatery offers fresh baked pizzas, meatball subs, chicken caesar salads and more.

The Burger Digs

Service Type: Quick Service
Dining Hours: Lunch and Dinner daily
Join Jurassic Park’s paleontologists for some tasty burgers and garden burgers, chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, and ice cold drinks.

 Islands of Adventure Thunder Falls
Thunder Falls Terrace located in Jurassic Park

Thunder Falls Terrace

Service Type: Quick Service
Dining Hours: Lunch and Dinner daily
Calling all carnivores! Your taste buds will thank you for visiting Thunder Falls Terrace!  Enjoy sizzling BBQ ribs, wraps, rotisserie chicken, smoked turkey legs, soup, and salads.

The Watering Hole

Service Type: Quick Service
Dining Hours: Lunch and Dinner daily
The Watering Hole offers a wide array of tasty snacks and beverages, including hot dogs, nachos, beer, wine, cocktails and frozen beverages.

Toon Lagoon Dining

The cartoonists of Toon Lagoon have drawn up a variety of different options for your dining pleasure. But don’t worry… you won’t have to subsist on a diet of Popeye’s spinach or mess hall chow from Camp Swampy.

Comic Strip Café

Service Type: Quick Service
Hours: 11:00am to half-hour before Park Close daily
This fun cafeteria-style food court is lined with all your favorite comic strip characters. Stop by to enjoy fried chicken, fish & chips, hot dogs, burgers, and some popular Asian & Italian dishes.

Cathy’s Ice Cream

Service Type: Quick Service
Hours: 11:00am to half-hour before Park Close daily
The best place to cheat on your diet! Try the tasty sundaes, shakes, and waffle cones.

Islands of Adventure Dining Blondie's
Blondie’s located in Toon Lagoon

Blondie’s: Home of the Dagwood

Service Type: Quick Service
Hours: Lunch and Dinner daily
Blondie’s deli features made-to-order deli subs and sandwiches including the famous, piled-high “Dagwood.”  Enjoy a variety of sandwiches stacked with fresh meats, cheeses, vegetables and dressings.


Service Type: Quick Service
Hours: Lunch and Dinner daily (open seasonally please check Park Map)
Wimpy’s is the place to go for juicy double cheeseburgers, chicken fingers, chicken wraps, chili dogs and fries.

 Marvel Super Hero Island Dining

What gives the mightiest super heroes the energy to battle evil-doers all day long? Why, the fantastic food of Marvel Super Hero Island, of course! We can’t guarantee it’ll give YOU super powers… but you never know.

 Café  4

**Best for Kids**
Service Type: Quick Service
Hours: 11:00 am to Park Close Daily
Visit the headquarters and laboratory of the Fantastic Four for scrumptious Italian fare, including pizza, spaghetti & meatballs, fettuccini, meatball subs, and chicken caesar salads.

 Marvel Character Meal
Marvel Character Meal located in Marvel Super Hero Island

Marvel Character Dinner – Available Thursday through Sunday

Captain America Diner

**Best for Kids**
Service Type: Quick Service
Hours: 11:00 am to Park Close Daily – open seasonally
Find your favorite super hero on the walls of this star-spangled diner. Enjoy an All-American menu of cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, chicken fingers, and crispy chicken salads.


This rustic tavern is where visitors to Hogsmeade come to dine on hearty fare. The restaurant serves tasty fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, soup, salads, pumpkin juice and Butterbeer, plus tasty desserts including apple pie and chocolate trifle.

Dining at Universal’s Islands of Adventure Three Broomsticks
Three Broomsticks located in Hogsmeade

Three Broomsticks

Service Type: Buffeteria
Dining Hours: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner daily
Three Broomsticks offers various menu options for wizards and muggles alike!  Try the “Great Feast Platter,” fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, Cornish pasty, turkey legs, and fresh vegetables. Children can choose from chicken, macaroni cheese, fish and chips, and chicken fingers, each served with grapes and applesauce. Finish off your meal with one of the dessert choices: apple pie, strawberry and peanut-butter ice-cream, and chocolate trifle.

Hog’s Head

Service Type: Quick Service
Dining Hours: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner daily
Hog’s Head pub is located at the rear of the Three Broomsticks tavern. If you hear a hog snarling– don’t worry!  It’s just the large stuffed hog’s head which periodically snarls at guests from behind the bar.  Harry Potter fans will quickly recognize Butterbeer, pumpkin juice, and other non-alcoholic beverages. Adults can also sample the pub’s selection of domestic and imported beers, specialty drinks, wine, spirits and mixed drinks.

Islands of Adventure Dining Guide Healthy Options

Trans-Fat-Free Options: Universal Orlando Resort offers healthy and delicious dining options for you and your family while you visit Universal’s Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios. Many restaurants and food locations cook with trans-fat-free oil.
At select locations, side options for adults and children include healthy choices. At those locations, Kids Meals come with a choice of fruit or trans-fat-free fries. Adults can select from either a side salad or trans-fat-free fries. Please see the theme park guides for more information.

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