Thunder Falls Terrace Menu

Islands of Adventure | Jurassic Park


Located near Jurassic Park River Adventure, the Thunder Falls Terrace menu offers something for everyone. Herbivores in your group can eat their fill of leafy greens, carnivores can rip into ribs or turkey legs, and for the omnivores, well they can choose from the entire menu depending on their mood. While you’re dining, you can watch riders on Jurassic Park River adventure and decide if you’re brave enough to take your turn at getting soaked.

Open during park hours.

Universal Dining Plan Participant.


Thunder Falls Terrace Menu

Menu Date 8/2018


Combos served with milkshake.

Chargrilled Ribs
A generous portion of ribs with mango BBQ sauce – $16.99

Chicken & Ribs
Rotisserie chicken and our mango BBQ glazed ribs. – $15.99

Smoked Turkey Leg
Served with French fries. – $14.99

Rotisserie Chicken Combo
Slow roasted rotisserie spiced chicken – $16.49

Chicken Wrap Combo
Grilled chipotle tortilla rolled with crispy vegetables, BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, and rotisserie chicken – $14.99


Rotisserie Chicken Salad
Served with fresh green vegetables and citrus vinaigrette. – $11.49

Mixed Green Salad – $4.59

Sides & Soups

Seasoned French Fries – $3.49

Fresh Roasted Corn – $3.99

Herb Roasted Potatoes – $2.99

Black Beans – $1.79

Yellow Rice – $1.79

Tortilla and Roasted Tomato Soup – $4.99


Fountain Soda
Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta Orange, Hi-C Poppin’ Lemonade, Gold Peak Iced Tea. – $3.29

Mountain Berry Blast, Fruit Punch – $4.49

H20+ Premium Water – $4.50

2% or Chocolate – $2.99

Apple or Orange Juice –  $2.39

Coffee – $3.29

Hot Tea – $3.29

Hot Chocolate – $3.29

Draft Beer

Miller Lite – $7.99
Souvenir Pilsner – $10.49
Refill – $6.99

Budweiser – $7.99
Souvenir Pilsner – $10.49
Refill – $6.99

Blue Moon – $8.99
Souvenir Pilsner – $11.99
Refill – $7.99


Chardonnay – $7.00

White Zinfandel – $7.00

Merlot – $7.00


Banana Creme Tart – $5.39

Signature Key Lime Cheesecake – $5.49

Tropical Fruit Cup – $4.29

Brookie Cake
Chocolate chip cookie filled brownie cake slice – $4.49


Vanilla – $3.99

Chocolate – $3.99

***Thunder Falls Terrace Menu items and Pricing are Subject to Change***


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