All Star Movies Resort Top Ten Tips

All Star Movies Resort Top Ten Tips

°o° Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort is a Value resort located in the Disney’s Animal Kingdom area.  The hallmark of this resort is the larger-than-life icons from Toy Story, Fantasia, The Love Bug, The Mighty Ducks, and One Hundred and One Dalmatians. Here are our All Star Movies Resort Top Ten Tips, be sure to explore the resort during your stay! °o°

  1. Take time to explore all the larger-than-life icons!  What Toy Story fan wouldn’t want  to see the 30-foot-tall Woody?


  1. Playground. Are you taking young children with you?  Let them get their wiggles out at the playground located between the Fantasia and Toy Story sections.
  1. Take advantage of the 2 swimming pools:  the main Sorcerer’s Apprentice-themed Fantasia Pool or the smaller hockey rink-shaped pool from The Mighty Ducks. Also check the resort recreation schedule for events that may be happening during your stay.
  1. Movies Under the Stars. There are nightly “Movies Under the Stars” at the Fantasia Pool.
  1. Shopping. Do you like to shop?  Don’t miss Donald’s Double Feature located in Cinema Hall.
  1. Jogging Trail. Do you normally jog at home and want to keep up your jogging schedule?  There is an approximately 1.5 mile jogging trail surrounding Disney’s All-Star Resort complex.
  1. Refillable Mug. Do you drink a lot of soda or coffee?  If you do, the refillable resort mug might be a good choice for you.

refillable mugs

  1. Food Court. The place to get food is called the World Premiere Food Court, and it is located in Cinema Hall.  All-Star Pizza Delivery is also available.

ASMo food court

  1. In-Room Beverage Coolers and Wifi. The value resorts have a beverage cooler in every room and free wifi is available throughout the resort.

Beverage CoolerBeverage Cooler

  1. Laundry Facilities. There are coin-operated self-service laundry facilities located throughout the resort. This is handy if you need to wash some clothes while on vacation.