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Orlando Area Weather

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Below is historical data for the Orlando area to help you get an idea of what you might expect for your trip. These are just averages, and the actual temperatures can and do vary, especially during the winter months.

MonthAverage HighAverage LowAverage Daily TemperatureAverage Precipitation
January71ºF47ºF59ºF2.91 in.
February73ºF50ºF62ºF2.71 in.
March78ºF54ºF66ºF4.01 in.
April83ºF59ºF71ºF2.28 in.
May89ºF65ºF77ºF3.10 in.
June91ºF71ºF81ºF8.32 in.
July92ºF73ºF83ºF7.05 in.
August92ºF73ºF83ºF7.71 in.
September92ºF73ºF83ºF5.09 in.
October84ºF66ºF75ºF2.52 in.
November78ºF58ºF68ºF2.14 in.
December72ºF51ºF62ºF2.89 in.

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