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Orlando Area Weather

Weather Forecasts | Weather Radar

Historical Weather Information

Below is historical data for the Orlando area to help you get an idea of what you might expect for your trip. These are just averages, and the actual temperatures can and do vary, especially during the winter months.

Month Average High Average Low Average Daily Temperature Average Precipitation
January 71ºF 47ºF 59ºF 2.91 in.
February 73ºF 50ºF 62ºF 2.71 in.
March 78ºF 54ºF 66ºF 4.01 in.
April 83ºF 59ºF 71ºF 2.28 in.
May 89ºF 65ºF 77ºF 3.10 in.
June 91ºF 71ºF 81ºF 8.32 in.
July 92ºF 73ºF 83ºF 7.05 in.
August 92ºF 73ºF 83ºF 7.71 in.
September 92ºF 73ºF 83ºF 5.09 in.
October 84ºF 66ºF 75ºF 2.52 in.
November 78ºF 58ºF 68ºF 2.14 in.
December 72ºF 51ºF 62ºF 2.89 in.