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Dragon Racer’s Rally

Dragon Racer's Rally

Dragon Racer’s Rally at How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk is a spectacular opportunity for guests to seek out adventure. On this attraction everyone will get their chance to train for dragon racing like a true Viking of Berk. Hop into your trainee seat and buckle up! Testing your skill as a dragon rider you’ll be sent soaring through the sky twisting and turning through barrel rolls.

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The Mouse For Less Tips

Ride Information

Opening Day: 2025 Specific Date TBA

Type if Ride: Thrill

Age Recommendation: Older Children – Adults

Ride Duration: TBA

Typical Wait Time: TBA

Single Rider Line: TBA

Express PassTBA

Child Swap Available: TBA

Ride Restrictions

Height Requirements48″ (122 cm)


Nearby Attractions: Fyre Drill | Hiccups Wing Gliders

Nearby Dining: Meadhall

The Mouse For Less Tips

  • Dragon Racer’s Rally and the entire Epic Universe is set to open in 2025; this ride may be intimidating for younger children. Mead Hall is close by just on the other side of Hiccups Wing Gliders, and can be a great place to wait for your fellow Vikings in training.
  • Visiting the new park with How to Train Your Dragon super fans? Inspired by Astrid (the best dragon racer) and Snotlout (the worst dragon racer) this ride is an ode to the two characters.
  • Planing a visit to Universal Orlando Resort can be overwhelming, especially to a newly opening park. The Magic For Less Travel can help!
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