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The Untrainable Dragon

The Untrainable Dragon

The Untrainable Dragon at Universal Orlando Resort‘s Epic Universe is a live action experience on the Isle of Berk. When a new dragon arrives Hiccup, Toothless, Astrid, and Gobber must do everything they’re trained for in order to tame it before Berk becomes in danger. The audience will experience everything along with these four to discover this new mysterious creature. Watch overhead for Toothless as he soars above everyone in hopes of saving the day!


Nearby Attractions: Fyre Drill | Dragon Racer’s Rally

Nearby Dining: Mead Hall

Did You Know?

  • This new world and attraction is set to open in 2025 and will be the second of it’s kind in the world, the first Untrainable Dragon can be found in Beijing at the Universal Beijing Resort. Both are unique in their own way, and worth the second watch if you’ve seen the first.
  • Not only does Toothless have a 27 foot wingspan, he also weighs 1,157 pounds.
  • The Untrainable Dragon as well as the entire Isle of Berk is intended to be set between the second and third films, “How to Train Your Dragon”.

The Mouse For Less Tips

  • The Untrainable Dragon pit can be found towards the back of How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk. Be sure to check show times on the Universal Orlando Resort app to plan your visit accordingly. If you start your visit in Berk here you can work your way back towards the entrance without missing any of the excitement.
  • This live action show is filled with comedy, action, and roaring viking music. Although The Untrainable Dragon is suitable for all ages guests should be aware of the use of sudden and intense sound effects, theatrical lighting, and performers interacting with the audience.
  • Planning a visit to the Isle of Berk and Universal Orlando Resort? The Magic For Less Travel can help with planning and reservations.
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