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Animal Kingdom Hidden Gems

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Animal Kingdom Hidden Gems in Africa


Harambe: Stop for a moment outside the door of the Dawa Bar. You’ll swear that you can hear talking, a radio, dishes clanging and a knocking sound. Rumor has it that the knocking is the landlady trying to collect rent from the students living in the “hotel” above the bar. The students are apparently finding other places for their money.

Behind Tusker House there’s an outside eating area. Have a seat and see if you can hear the sound effects of someone cooking up a meal.

Make some music! You can find large African drums and other instruments on the outskirts of Africa on the path leading towards Asia. This is along the banks of the Discovery River, across from Tamu Tamu Refreshments.

At the Harambe marketplace keep an eye out for Mickey Mouse drawn on a wall. The words “Fichwa! Fellow” are beneath Mickey. Translated, this means “hidden fellow.”

Animal Kingdom Hidden Gems in Asia

In Asia, look for the prayer trees draped in scarves. In India, this tradition is done to honor loved ones who have passed on.

While waiting in line for Kali River Rapids, take note of all of the detail that has gone in to this queue area. See if you can spot the geckos in the owner’s office. After (or instead of?) riding make sure to stop on the bridge above the ride where you can drench some unsuspecting rider.

Animal Kingdom Hidden Gems in DinoLand

In the DinoLand Boneyard, try to find the Xylobone. They are off to the right, behind the jeep. Try lifting up on one of the crates to hear the animal inside growl. While here, don’t forget to go up and over the bridge to find even more fun!

Look for a Hidden Mickey in the pavement just outside of the main entrance to Chester and Hester’s DinoRama.

Animal Kingdom Hidden Gems on Discovery Island

Spend some time walking around the Tree Of Life on the paths and checking it out from different angles. It is really an amazing work of art, with 320 animals carved in to it.

Check out all of the beautiful paintings and other details that have gone in to each room at Pizzafari.

Look for the playful otters on Discovery Island.

Next time you are in It’s Tough To Be A Bug, at the end of the show, when you are asked to remain seated, look up at the ceiling to see all of the bugs flying OUT! This might take your mind off of the ones that you feel crawling under you!

Be sure to sign up for Wilderness Explorers and participate in the activities all around the park. A great way to learn more about animals and get a free souvenir!

Animal Kingdom Hidden Gems at Rafiki’s Planet Watch

When riding the train to Conservation Station, try riding in the back car and be sure to talk to the conductor. They always have interesting stuff to share.

Be sure to look around at Conservation Station. There are so many interesting things to see over there.  There may be an animal surgery going on while you are there, and sometimes the characters are around.   Make sure to check out the petting zoo.


Spend some time talking to the cast members about the animals in the Affection Section for the low-down on their tame friends.

Other Animal Kingdom Hidden Gems

Make sure to catch the awakening as the park opens; beautiful macaws fly over the crowd to officially open the park.  Also when entering look for Cast Members with travelling creatures, stop and chat with them and learn something new!

Keep your eyes open for Wes Palm, the walking, talking, teasing Palm Tree. He is usually found somewhere in the Oasis, but he’s hard to pick out. Look for the CM traveling with him.

Keep your eyes open for DeVine, a performance artist dressed in foliage. She also blends in and might jump out to surprise you!

Animal Kingdom Hidden Gems in Pandora: World of Avatar

In the queue for Flight of Passage look out for a small black creature that is under observation in the lab portion of the queue. This is the Velocivirus, an invasive species on Pandora.

Also keep your eyes out for a huge plant. This plant is interactive and will spray water when it is rubbed or drummed upon.

Look out for little frog-like animals in a water feature under the floating mountains. These creatures may just squirt you with water if you get too close!

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