All-Star Music Resort Top Ten Tips

Disney's All-Star Music Resort Tips


°o° Disney’s All-Star Music Resort is known for larger-than-life icons representing classic music genres like Broadway show tunes, calypso, country, jazz, and rock n’ roll.  Disney’s All-Star Music Resort is a Value resort located in the Disney’s Animal Kingdom area. °o°

  1. Larger-Than-Life Icons. Take time to explore the larger-than-life icons!  That musician in your family will love seeing all the musical icons.


  1. Playground. Are your children tired of standing in lines and are ready to run around?  Let them play on the playground located between the Calypso and Jazz Inn sections.
  1. Family Suites. Do you have more than 4 in your family?  You’re in luck!  Disney’s All-Star Music Resort has some Family Suites to accommodate families up to 6 people.
  1. Swimming Pools. Take advantage of the 2 swimming pools:  the main guitar-shaped Calypso Pool and the smaller grand piano-shaped Piano Pool.  Look for the Three Caballeros at the Calypso Pool.


  1. Gift Shop. Do you like to shop?  Don’t miss Maestro Mickey’s inside the Melody Hall.

Maestro Mickey's

  1. Movie Under the Stars. There are nightly “Movies Under the Stars” at the Calypso Pool.
  1. Jogging Trail. Do you normally jog at home and want to keep up your jogging schedule?  There is an approximately 1.5 mile jogging trail surrounding Disney’s All-Star Resort complex.
  1. Food Court. The place to get food is called Intermission Food Court, and it is located in Melody Hall. Pizza delivery is also available.
  1. Refillable Mug. Do you drink a lot of soda or coffee?  If you do, the refillable resort mug might be a good choice for you.  Also, the value resorts now have a beverage cooler in the room.

ASMU Fridge

  1. Self-Service Laundry. There are coin-operated self-service laundry facilities located throughout the resort.