Disney’s Hollywood Studios Hidden Gems In The World

Disneys Hollywood Studios Hidden Gems

Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ Hidden Gems brought to you by The Mouse for Less

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Animation Courtyard

Learn how to draw a character and bring it home at the Animation Academy.

Avenue of the Americas

In the Honey I Shrunk The Kids playground, go up the stairway between the slide and the garden hose. Put your hand in the BIG dog’s nostrils and he will sniff you.

Listen very carefully when you are walking down New York Street, you might hear some gangsters planning their next plot!

As you are entering the building on Muppet Vision, as you enter the turnstiles look over at the ticket window, notice the sign says the key is under the mat, wonder if it really is? Why not check it out!

Echo Lake

Pull the rope in the well outside of Indiana Jones and listen. After the show as you are exiting try to take the FAR RIGHT stairway (as you are facing the stage), on the landings look for a CM’s hand holding the golden Idol from the movie, pat the idol on your way by.

When exiting the Star Tours gift shop, look across for the speeder bike. It IS okay to sit on this, great photo op!

Hollywood Boulevard

On the Great Movie Ride there are two scenarios, one with gangsters and one with cowboys. If you are on the gangster scenario, look for Mickey’s profile up in a high window on the left. In the Casablanca scene, the aircraft was purchased specifically for this ride; the other half is in the jungle on the Jungle Ride at MK. In the Egyptian styled area, check out some of the hieroglyphics are NOT Egyptian, such as the R2D2 one or the slave Donald.

When walking down Hollywood Blvd., take time to notice the offices above the shops and their occupations. Also keep your eye open for the Streetmosphere actors in this area, look for people dressed in 1940’s era clothing.

Mickey Avenue

Near the entrance to the Backlot Tour, see if the giant umbrella is still there, and pull the string to see if works to keep the rain out, or in!

Outside the gift shop at the end of the Backstage tour is a large prop area, look for the talking & sound effects boxes from Roger Rabbit.

Sunset Boulevard

Inside Tower of Terror cue, as you leave the lobby but before you enter the TV Room there is a bulletin board in a glass case. Some of the letters have fallen out; get right up against the glass to see what the letters have spelled out.

In the library area of Tower of Terror look for some broken glasses. They signify an episode with Burgess Meredith, a man who loved to read. After an atomic blast, he is the only person left alive. He happens across a library and is all set to read and read and read when he breaks his glasses. SIGH.

When entering Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, listen at the doors to studio A and Studio B to see if you can hear a recording session going on inside. In addition to this while you are waiting, you will hear the PA paging various people. These are the Imagineers that designed Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. Well except for the Hey Jude reference (I think!). Look closely at the electrical boxes, the initials and birthdays of the Imagineers are carved in there. Keep an eye on the music posters in the rotunda, they will change out. And lastly, keep your eyes open for the alley behind the studio, by the launch area for more hidden gems.



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