Cruising Ultimate Packing List

Cruising Ultimate Packing List


Cruising Ultimate Packing List

*Note: some items on the Cruising Ultimate Packing List are listed in multiple locations to ensure that they won’t be forgotten.  Or you can personalize the list to fit your needs, make separate lists for each family member.

Pack for Suitcase:

T-Shirts Dress Shirts Gym shirt Hats
Shorts Evening Dress Gym Shorts Swim Suit
Pants Suit/Tuxedo Socks Tennis Shoes
Underwear Tie Dress socks Dress Shoes
Bra Sun Dress Panty Hose Sandals
Pajamas Casual Shirts Belts Pool Shoes/Flip Flops
Misc. Bag Toiletry Bag Beach/Pool Bag First Aid Bag
Cruising Ultimate Packing List Tips to live by: Always bring less shirts than you think you need, and more underwear than you think need.


Pack for Toiletry Bag:

Razors Tweezers Toothbrush Make-up
Shaving Cream Nail Clippers Toothpaste Make-up remover
Face Lotion Nail File Floss Hair Gel/Mousse
Body lotion Nail Polish Q-Tips Hair Bands/Clips/Bows
Face Wash
Deodorant Kids Bath Wash
Body Spray Hair Spray Hair Brush Kids Toothbrushes
Foot Powder Jewelry Baby Powder Kids Combs
Foot Spray Watches Feminine Items Kids Shampoo
Cruising Ultimate Packing List Tips to live by: Always put liquid containers in Zip-loc bags, you never know what might develop a leak.


Pack for Miscellaneous Bag:

Address Book High lighter Pens
Room Key Lanyard
Email Addresses Magic Marker Deck of Playing Cards
Stationary Rubber Bands Sunglasses with Straps
Stamps Baby Wipes Kids’ Sunglasses with Straps
Address Labels Sweat Band Dry Erase Magnet Sheet
Cash/Credit Cards Insect Repellent Dry Erase Marker w/ Magnet
Fanny Packs Earplugs
Emergency/Doctor phone numbers
Sewing Kit Safety Pins Travel Information
Labels w/ Name Night Light Copy of Passport

Lip Balm
Note Pad/Pens Health Insurance Card

Waterproof Watch List of Medications
Books to Read Sharpie markers
Chargers for all electronics


Pack for First Aid Bag:


Adhesive Bandages

Anit-biotic cream

Kids Headache Medication
Foot Powder Antacids Dramamine
Adult Headache Medication

Health Insurance Cards
Antacid Medication
Swimmer’s Ear Drops

Doctor’s Phone Numbers

Pain Relieving Cream

Sinus Medication
Sea Bands
Anti-Itch Gel Vitamins
List of Medications
Aloe Vera Gel
Eye Drops
Pain medication
Cough Drops
Jelly Fish Sting Medication
Cruising Ultimate Packing List Tips to live by: No matter the problem, an bandage is the answer to most kids, so bring enough!


Pack for Beach/Pool Bag:

Floatation Toys Cell Phones (2) Waterproof Camera
Bathing Suits Walkie Talkies Cheap Sunglasses w/ straps
Beach Bag Sun Block Kids’ Sunglasses with Straps
Camera Camcorder
Extra Batteries
Film/Media Card Water Shoes Rubber Bands/Hair Tie
Sand Toys
Lip Balm
Waterproof Carry Case
Ziploc Bags
Face Sun Block Stick
Hats/Visors Playing Cards
Room Key Lanyard
Waterproof Watch Books/Magazines Extra Dry Clothes
Baby Wipes Spray Water Bottle
Cruising Ultimate Packing List Tips to live by: Always bring more sun block than you think necessary and put it on more often than you think necessary.


Pack for Car:

Pillows Blankets Music – CD’s
Movies DVD Player Maps/Directions
Drawing Boards Batteries Playing Cards/Travel Games
Head Phones Books Proof of Auto Insurance
Driver’s License Cell Phones Cell Phone Car Charger
Flash Light Headache Medicine Kids Headache Medicine
Directions to Hotels Sunglasses Plastic Grocery Bags for trash
Guide Books Itinerary Coupons for Road Meals
Umbrella Paper Towels Spill Proof Kids Cups
New Surprise Toys Drinks Collapsible Cooler
Baby Wipes Disposable Bibs Snacks
Electronic Bag
Hotel Confirmation Numbers


Pack for Plane:

Laptop Cell Phones New Surprise Toys Snacks
Movies Batteries Playing Cards/Travel Games Books

Neck Pillow
Head Phones Electronic Bag
Cruising Ultimate Packing List Tips to live by: Find out if there will be food and drink served on the flight so you know how many snacks to pack. Remember the restrictions on bringing liquids through security. Beverages will not be allowed through security.


Pack for Electronic Bag:

iPod/MP3 player
Wall Cell Charger
Cameras iPod/MP3 Charger Walkie Talkie
Headphones Memory Card/Film Laptop Computer
Speakers Extra Camera Batteries Media Card Reader
Battery Charger Camcorder/Charger Camcorder Batteries/Tapes
Camera Bag Hand Held Games Hand Held Game Charger
Travel Clock Cell Phones Disposable Camera for Kids
Cruising Ultimate Packing List Tips to live by: Always bring all available games for the hand held. Save space by using multi-purpose USB plugs with us connectors.


Always Keep With You:

Passports/Other IDs Health Insurance Info. Copy of Your Itinerary
Cash/Credit Cards
Flight Confirmation Numbers

Copy of Kids’ Birth Cerificates
Cruise Documents Other Important Docs Medications/vitamins
Cell Phone
Copy of Marriage Certificate
Immunization Records
Tips to live by : Keep all your important records in your passport pouch with you. Keep a copy of each document in a separate bag and keep at least one more copy of all records with someone who can fax/email the records to you if your originals and copy should be lost through emergency.


Cruising Ultimate Packing List

Before You Go To Do List:

  • Give neighbors your travel Information:
    • Your Name, Address, Telephone Number
    • Vacation Dates
    • Itinerary during trip
    • Vacation Phone Numbers
    • Cell Phone Numbers
    • Local Emergency Call Numbers
    • Information About House:
      • Which lights will be left on
      • Which Cars will be left out
      • Names of anyone checking/entering the house while you’re away
      • Alarm Information (if necessary)
  • Check All Doors and Windows are Locked
  • Reduce or Turn Off Heating and A/C settings
  • Set Water Heater or other appliances to Vacation Setting
  • Secure all Outdoor Items
  • Water Plants
  • Unplug Appliances:
    • TV
    • Coffee Maker
    • Toaster
    • Microwave
    • Washer
    • Dryer
    • Computer
  • Set Light Timers
  • Stop Newspaper Delivery and Arrange for Someone to Pick up Newspaper Daily
  • Set House Alarm
  • Call your credit card companies to notify them you may be making unusual charges and your itinerary

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