Booking a Bounceback Offer

Disney Bounceback Offer

What is a Bounceback Offer?

A bounceback offer is a unique discounted rate for booking a resort room or Magic Your Way Package that only those who are current guests of Walt Disney World resorts are eligible to book. But they must be taken advantage of before your current vacation is finished. The bounceback offer stops being valid once you are no longer a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel Guest. This offer can often include significant discounts that can save a lot of money on future trips to Walt Disney World. Click the link for information about current discounts and offers for Walt Disney World.

Where to Find the Offer

If you are staying at a Walt Disney World resort you are eligible for the current bounceback offer. In order to book through this offer, you have to find it first! Typically, you can find the offer either in your welcome packet at the resort, or in the room with other in-room information. If you do not see any bounceback offers in your welcome packet you can either call the front desk to see if there are any current offers, or dial the extension 8844 from your resort room.

How It Works

Once you have found your bounceback offer, all that is left is to book your reservation! The bounceback offer will have a selection of dates for which the discounted price is valid. You must make a reservation while you are still a Guest of Walt Disney World.

Don’t worry though, if for some reason your plans need to change, there is a 30-day no-penalty cancellation policy, or you can modify your reservation. Remember that if you change the dates of your reservation, it must be for dates that are included and available under the bounceback offer in order for you to be able to retain your discount.

When making your reservation, just call the number listed with the bounceback offer and tell the Cast Member that you are using a bounceback offer for a reservation.  If you have a travel agent, you can also call the agent and let them know that you would like to book a bounceback offer or you can tell the Disney Cast Member that you would like your booking to remain with your current travel agent.  They will ask for the code that is with the offer, to make sure that you are currently a Disney resort guest. At the time you make your reservation, you must pay a deposit which will typically be $200.00 on packages or 1-night’s rates for a room-only booking.

Booking a bounceback offer is a great way to save money on the price of a Walt Disney World vacation!

Mouse For Less Tips

  • You can still use a travel agent when booking this type of offer; just send them your vacation dates and the information about which resort and package you have already booked.
  • Do keep in mind that bounceback offers aren’t always guaranteed and there may be months where they aren’t currently being offered.
  • Our recommended Disney Travel Agency, The Magic for Less Travel, has a number of incentives and promotions that can be combined with bounceback and other discounts offered by Disney.   Their concierge vacation planning services are complimentary.


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