Disneyland Resort Hotels Wi-Fi Guide

Disneyland Resort Hotels Wi-Fi Guide

At all of Disneyland’s Resort Hotels, complimentary wireless internet is offered in all guests rooms. If you’re exploring the resort know that there is generally free Wi-Fi available in the pool deck areas and main lobbies.

How To Connect

When you arrive in your guest room (or lobby/pool area) connecting to the internet it’s very simple. You will open up your phone settings, then locate your wireless internet connection page. This should pull up all available Wi-Fi connections in the area. The network you will want to select is “Disneyland Resort Hotels Wi-Fi”.

Should guests have any issues connecting to the internet in your room, just dial “0” from your hotel room phone and someone will assist you. You can also get assistance from the guest serices desk in the main lobby.

Wi-Fi Locations

Wireless internet hot spots can be found in the following locations of each Disneyland resort or hotel. If you’re in any of the Disneyland theme parks hot spots are also available in select locations. You can search for a Wi-Fi network hot spot on the Disneyland mobile app.

If you’re having any issues connecting to the network you can find assistance at Guest Relations.

Paradise Pier

  • Guest Rooms
  • Surfside Lounge – Lobby Bar
  • The Sand Bar – Pool Bar
  • Beach Combers Club – Concierge Lounge
  • Business Center

Disneyland Hotel

  • Guest Rooms
  • Lounge at Steakhouse  55 – Lobby Bar
  • Trader Sam’s – Pool Bar
  • E-Ticket Club – Concierge Lounge
  • Business Center

Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa

  • Guest Rooms
  • The Great Hall – Lobby
  • The Hearthstone Lounge – Lobby Bar
  • Whitewater Snacks
  • The Craftsman’s Club – Concierge Lounge
  • Business Center

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