Walt Disney World Pressed Coin Checklist Pocket Guides

Walt Disney World Pressed Penny/coin checklist and location guide

Pressed Pennie are fun to collect and is a great low-cost souvenir at just $0.51 each. If you have a favorite character that you would like to find for your pressed penny collection or if you want to see what’s available at each theme park to plan ahead, these checklist and location pocket guides will be a great addition for your trip. Download these FREE Walt Disney World Pressed Penny checklist & location pocket guides to Walt Disney World and take them with you on your next Disney vacation.

Prepare your pennies before your vacation by dropping them into white vinegar for a few minutes then wiping with a cloth. If you do not have white vinegar at home, you can also use ketchup to clean your pennies. Use pennies made 1982 or prior for the best results. Pennies made after 1983 have zinc sandwiched between the copper coating and will leave silver streaks in the pressed penny and will not hold the shape as nicely as all copper pennies. You can make your own pressed penny coin holders with M&M minis containers or prescription medicine containers – see the bottom of this page for ideas designs.

2022 Press Coin Machine Pocket Guides

Magic Kingdom Pressed Penny Pocket Guide


  • 181 pressed pennies
  • 33 Machines

Download Download Magic Kingdom pressed penny pocket guide pdf file

Epcot Pressed Penny Pocket Guide


  • 152 Pressed Pennies
  • 27 Machines

Download Download Epcot pressed penny pocket guide pdf file

Animal Kingdom Pressed Penny Pocket Guide


  • 95 Pressed Pennies
  • 4 Pressed Quarters
  • 20 Machines

Download Download Animal Kingdom pressed penny pocket guide pdf file

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Pressed Penny Pocket Guide


  • 121 Pressed Pennies
  • 21 Machines

Download Download Hollywood Studios pressed penny pocket guide pdf file

Disney Springs Pressed Penny Pocket Guide


  • 134 Pressed Pennies
  • 4 Pressed Quarters
  • 25 Machines

Download Download Disney Springs pressed penny pocket guide pdf file

Disney Resorts & More Pressed Penny Pocket guide


  • 19 Disney Resorts have any Pressed Coin Machines
  • Port Canaveral Cruise Terminal has two machines
  • Both water parks, two mini-golf courses, Wide World of Sports and even the airport have machines

Download Resorts Guide

Download Offsite Resorts, Mini Golf, Water Parks and Disney Cruise Guide

Pocket Guide Folding Instructions

How to fold pocket guides

1. Identify

Place the printout on a flat surface with Notes on the bottom left corner and pages 3 through 6 on top.

How to fold pocket guides

2. Fold in Half

Fold lengthwise (top half under) so that Notes, front cover, and pages 1, 2 are showing. Make all folds very neat and crisp.

How to fold pocket guides

3. Fold in Half

Fold Pages 1 and 2 behind so that Notes and front cover are showing.

How to fold pocket guides

4. Fold in Half

Fold the front page behind, so only Notes is showing.

How to fold pocket guides

5. Unfold

Unfold the entire sheet with Notes and front cover on the bottom.

How to fold pocket guides

6. Cut on Dotted Line

Using scissors, cut the dotted line in the middle of the sheet. Do not cut further than page 6 or 3.

How to fold pocket guides

7. Fold in Half

Fold lengthwise so Notes, front page and pages 1 and 2 are showing.

How to fold pocket guides

8. Open the Center

Form an open, square box in the center.

How to fold pocket guides

9. Create a Cross Shape

Push the outer panels (Notes and page 2) towards the center.

How to fold pocket guides

10. Form a book

Grasping Notes and front cover, swing them around to form the cover and back of the guide.

How to fold pocket guides

11. Complete

Tuck the guide into your pocket or purse and enjoy Walt Disney World.


Making Your Own Walt Disney World Pressed Penny Holder

Making Press Coin HolderOnce you have your pressed coins checklist pocket guides printed, it is time to get the coins ready for your vacation. M&M Minis canister has the perfect size for quarters and will hold 20 sets of quarters/pennies. Alternatively, you can use small empty prescription medicine canisters, which will hold 14 sets of quarters/pennies in the canister. Although the coins will not rest as snuggly in the medication canister as it does in the M&M Minis canister, there are two advantages in using the medication canisters. You can roll up your pocket guide to fit it in the canister and still have room for the coins! Also, most prescription canister caps are designed to be used on both sides – childproof side and easy opening side. You can attach a second canister to the cap and use one for pressed penny money and the other side for pressed coins.

You can purchase the M&M Minis at supermarkets or Walmarts or save up your medication canisters. Simply peel the labels off of the tubes to customize a coin holders.

If you are collecting press pennies as memories of your vacation, you should take a few minutes to prepare your pennies. You can either dip the pennies in white vinegar and leave till they’re shiny or clean with ketchup. I prefer ketchup just because we always have it on hand, and it smells more pleasant. You’d be amazed at how beautifully pressed pennies will look with a few minutes of preparation ahead of time.

Once the pennies are cleaned, alternate two quarters and a penny in the canister so that your coins will be ready for the pressed coin machines.

You can customize labels for your canister with the label pdf’s below. Disney owns the copyright to all Disney Characters. Themouseforless.com offers these customizable lables free of charge as a curtesy to our readers. Simply click on the image that you prefer, then click in the blue box containing the words “My Pressed Coin Money” and “My Pressed Coin Collection” to customize the words to whatever you would like to use.  ** Please note that you need to open the files in Adobe Acrobat in order to edit, you will not be able to edit if it is opened as a tab in your browser.

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