Pirates, Ahoy!

Pirate experiences have always been in the Disney parks. Pirates of the Caribbean opened in Disneyland in 1967, and each Disney Park’s location around the world has followed suit with a similar pirate themed ride — Walt Disney World in 1973, Tokyo Disneyland in 1983, and Disneyland Paris in 1992. There’s also an incredible version of Pirates of the Caribbean called Battle for the Sunken Treasure that opened in Shanghai Disneyland. Even Disney Cruise Line hosts an extremely popular Pirates in the Caribbean night on Caribbean sailings including the first fireworks at sea!

But nothing has made pirates more popular than the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise. The first movie in the series, Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, was released on July 9, 2003. Since then the pirate craze has not only launched more movies, but many places to find pirates in the parks.

Are you in search of Pirate experiences in the parks? Look no further, you’ve found the treasure trove! There are Pirate experiences everywhere.

What’s New Walt Disney World Disneyland Disney Cruise Line

What’s New

A recent announcement was made that a brand-new Pirates of the Caribbean-themed lounge will be coming to Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom! The new area will be a first-of-its-kind experience that will extend the story of Pirates of the Caribbean at Walt Disney World. Details are still really sparse as of right and they will be shared as they are released.  But one detail they shared was that the infamous barker bird would be returning!

Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom

  • Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Of course, this is the classic water ride that, along with its counterparts in other Disney locations, inspired the pirate craze. It has been updated to include several scenes with Captain Jack Sparrow and one with Captain Barbosa, both characters in the movies.
  • A Pirate’s Adventure: Treasures of the Seven Seas. This is an interactive game played throughout Adventureland. Guests who sign up to become one of Captain Jack Sparrow’s newest recruits. Five different pirate maps lead players on raids seeking hidden treasures while fending off Captain Jack’s enemies.


Pirate experiences

Disneyland Park

  • Pirates of the Caribbean ride. The original attraction. This is the last attraction that Walt Disney himself had a hand in designing. It is a wonderful ride, longer and different than the Walt Disney World version. Disneyland’s version of this ride was updated in 2006 to include Captain Jack Sparrow in a few scenes. Guests may also see Jack Sparrow or Redd on occasion meeting Guests.

Disney Cruise Line

Pirate experiences

  • Look out for Pirate Night on select Disney Cruises. These special sailings are great for a swashbuckling adventure on the seven seas! Guests can enjoy a special party complete with pirate grub. All the entertainment becomes pirate themed, even Mickey Mouse gets in on the fun by dressing up like a pirate. To make the experience even more grand, guests can visit Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, which has been overrun with pirates for the night, to get a special pirate makeover. This is an immersive and fun way to connect with your inner scalawag!
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