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Disney’s FastPass+ Guide

Disney's FastPass+/FASTPASS Guide for Walt Disney World
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Disney has converted its FASTPASS system at Walt Disney World Resort to an enhanced level with the introduction of Disney’s FastPass+. Rather than rushing around the parks trying to gather paper FASTPASS tickets, guests staying at Walt Disney World Resort can book guaranteed ride times for favorite shows and attractions even before setting foot in the park. Learn more about both Disney’s FastPass+ below, as well as keep abreast of changes as they occur on our MyMagic+ page.

Background Information

All park guests use the new Disney’s FastPass+ system. Disney resort guests staying at a Disney-owned hotel can use the My Disney Experience (MDE) website and mobile app to customize their MagicBands prior to arrival and schedule FastPass+ ride times up to 60 days in advance, on the day your FastPass+ date opens. Off-site day guests (including guests staying at non-Disney-owned on-site hotels, such as Shades of Green and Disney Springs hotels) will be able to make Disney’s FastPass+ reservations for each day that is linked to their My Disney Experience account, starting 30 days in advance of their visits. Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort guests can make advance FastPass+ reservations up to 60 days in advance of their check-in date.

In addition to the three Disney’s FastPass+ entitlements per day guests can pre-book, guests have the opportunity to add additional Disney’s FastPass+ entitlements during their visits. Once guests have used the three Disney’s FastPass+ entitlements they’ve booked in advance or at the park, they’ll be able to select another at kiosks in the parks or using the My Disney Experience app. And once they’ve used the fourth, they can select another, and so on – much in the same way the old FastPass system worked. Additional FastPass+ selections can even be made for an attraction that has previously been used with Disney’s FastPass+ on the same day, even at parks like Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios that use a tiered FastPass+ selection process for the original 3 FastPasses! Savvy park guests will try to book their three FastPass+ reservations for early in the day to make use of the unlimited same-day FastPasses at the parks. However, some visitors may want to take at advantage of late-occurring FastPass+ selections such as special fireworks viewing when they book their first 3 FastPass+ selections, making additional same-day FastPass selections unavailable to them since “additional” FastPass selections must be booked after all original FastPass+ selections have been used. Disney has also announced that the “additional” FastPass+ selections may also be made at FastPass+ kiosks in another park on the same day – effectively allowing guests to use the “additional” Disney’s FastPass+ entitlements while park hopping. You can also add these “additional” FastPass+ selections on the My Disney Experience app before you even arrive at the park you are hopping to!

All Annual Passholders, whether they are staying at a Walt Disney World Resort or just making a day visit can participate fully in MyMagic+. Passholders can customize MagicBands and make advance FastPass+ reservations using My Disney Experience web site or mobile app. Passholders will be able to make up to 3 FastPass+ reservations for one park each day. Up to 7 days of FastPass+ selections can be made in advance during a rolling 30-day window. For a Passholder staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, the window to make reservations will be 60 days in advance of check-in, and Disney’s FastPass+ reservations can be held for 7 days or the length of the hotel stay, which, whichever is greater.

Using Disney FastPass+

Making A FastPass+ Reservation

Fastpass+ reservations can be made using the MyDisneyExperience App or on the MyDisneyExperience webpage. Once you have set up a personal account it is pretty simple to make a FastPass+ reservation. When the time window opens up to book your reservation, simply choose the date you will be visiting and the park you will be attending (you may only book  initial reservations for 1 park per day). Then choose three attractions to visit that day, and book your reservations.

Which attractions are Fastpass most beneficial for?

Hollywood Studios and Epcot both have tiered Fastpass systems that require guests to choose one fastpass from a tier 1 group of attractions and 2 fastpasses from a second tier of attractions. For advice in choosing your fastpasses check out our park specific pages:

Magic Kingdom Fastpass Guide
Epcot Fastpass Guide
Hollywood Studios Fastpass Guide
Animal Kingdom Fastpass Guide

Extra Fastpasses

After you have used your initial three Fastpasses for the day, you can then book additional Fastpasses on an as you go basis. Using the MyDisneyExperience app or the in park kiosks, guests can book extra Fastpasses throughout the day. After using the first three Fastpasses, guests become eligible to book another Fastpass reservation. After using the fourth Fastpass, you can then book another and so on. This system is reminiscent of the old system and works particularly well at the Magic Kingdom.

When to Make Reservations

Guests staying at a Disney Resort can book Fastpasses up to 60 days in advance. At that point they are able to make reservations for the length of their stay.

Guests not staying at a Disney Resort can book Fastpasses up to 30 days in advance. The “length of stay” advantage explained above is not available, so to use the full 30 day window you must make reservations one day at a time.

Using your Fastpass+

Once your reservations are booked through MyDisneyExperience, you are ready to go to the parks.

  1. First, at the time of your reservation, go to the attraction that you have a reservation for.
  2. Find the Fastpass queue line, and scan your MagicBand or park ticket.
  3. Enjoy the attraction with a much shorter wait!

Guests may enter the Fastpass line up to 5 minutes before their reservation, and up to 15 minutes after the reservation.

What if the attraction is closed?

Unfortunately, attractions sometimes cease operations during the day for maintenance, safety, or even the weather. If you have a Fastpass reservation for an attraction and the attraction closes during the time window you can experience the attraction, then you will generally receive a bonus Fastpass for a variety of other attractions. Normally, this bonus Fastpass does not have a time window and can be used anytime during the day.

Fastpass+ with an Annual Pass

Annual Passholders can use Fastpass+ the same way that a regular guest would use the system. If you have an on-property resort reservation, you may book Fastpass up to 60 days in advance. If you do not have a resort reservation that window shortens to 30 days in advance.

The one caveat is that annual passholders without a  Disney resort reservation can only book 7 days of Fastpasses in any 30 day window.


MagicBands are used when guests go to the attraction to redeem their fastpass+ reservation. MagicBands are included for guests staying at a Walt Disney World resort, and can be shipped to you before your trip. For guests not staying at a Walt Disney World resort, MagicBands are available for purchase or your park ticket can be used in place of a MagicBand. For more information about MagicBands click here.

FastPass+ Kiosks

Currently, FastPass+ kiosks that allow guests to view (in English, Spanish or Portuguese) and modify only their FastPass+ reservations are located at the following locations:

            • Magic Kingdom: Near the entrance to Splash Mountain, Adventureland Breezeway near the Diamond Horseshoe, Near the exit of Mickey’s Philarmagic, Near Pete’s Silly Sideshow in Storybook Circus, near queue of Stitch’s Great Escape, left of the entrance to Jungle Cruise, and Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.
            • Epcot: International Gateway, Tip Board near Spaceship Earth, Future World East Breezeway, FutureWorld West breezeway, Mission: SPACE old FASTPASS distribution area, Soarin’
            • Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Main Tip Board near end of Hollywood Boulevard, Toy Story Mania to right of entrance, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror to left of entrance, Muppet•Vision 3D to right of entrance
            • Disney’s Animal Kingdom: Disney Outfitters, Kali River Rapids, Expedition Everest, Kilimanjaro Safaris and at Island Mercantile.
            • MyMagic+ kiosks that allow guests to access the entire ‘My Disney Experience’ web site are available in the lobbies of many resorts, as well as at Town Square Theatre and the “temporary” MyMagic+ Service Center just outside of Hall of Presidents in the Magic Kingdom, the former location of Sid Cahuenga’s One-of-a-Kind at entrance plaza of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Creature Comforts at Animal Kingdom park and at Guest Relations in all theme parks and Disney Springs.

More Information

Here are some other details you about FastPass+ you should know:
(This information is subject to change without notice)

  • Availability of a FastPass+ experience, the number of experiences you may select and arrival windows are limited and may vary based on factors such as the theme park you are visiting, the attraction or entertainment experience, the time of year and the day of the week, and prior demand. In addition, the number of days for which you can hold FastPass+ selections at any given time is limited.
  • You may make FastPass+ selections for yourself, your Managed Friends, and your Connected Friends. Your Connected Friends may also make FastPass+ selections for you or modify the selections you’ve made without notification to you. You can see the selections and modifications made by Connected Friends for you when you log into your account and view your itinerary.
  • FastPass+ selections made for you by a Friend will count toward the number of FastPass+ selections you may make and hold.
  • Each confirmed FastPass+ attraction, entertainment or restaurant selection is valid for (1) guest admission to the entrance of the designated FastPass+ location on the date and during the arrival window confirmed by the Site/App.
  • Each FastPass+ selection will designate an arrival window for an attraction, restaurant location or entertainment experience. The FastPass+ selection is not valid before or after the designated arrival window or at any other FastPass+ location.
  • When you initially make FastPass+ selections for a particular park, you will select a FastPass+ experience set and if your plans change, you may modify the entire FastPass+ experience set until the first FastPass+ experience is redeemed or the first unredeemed experience expires. You may modify an unredeemed individual FastPass+ experience any time prior to the end the day.
  • All FastPass+ selections, whether arranged by you or a Connected Friend, expire at the end of the day for which they were confirmed. Unused and expired selections count toward the FastPass+ experience limit for the day.
  • Ticket holders holding passes or tickets with block-out dates may not make FastPass+ selections for any block-out date without the purchase of separate valid park admission and assigning that admission entitlement to your account.
  • Disney reserves the right to re-assign or re-schedule a FastPass+ selection due to an unplanned attraction or entertainment down time or change in operating hours.
  • Other restrictions and rules may apply based on type of park admission. FastPass+ experiences are not transferable, have no cash value and may not be substituted.

Currently, all guests are able to access FastPass+ either online or at special kiosks located within the parks. The FastPass+ system also works in conjunction with the My Disney Experience mobile application.