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Presented by Joffrey’s, The Tea Traders Cafe is a modern-meets-old world tea cafe experience featuring teas from around the world, served hot, iced, frozen, blended, spirited and even edible in the form of delicious treats.

Restaurant Info: International, Beverages & Snacks, A la carte, $ – under $14.99 per adult

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Tea Traders Cafe – Tea Menu

Menu Date: 06/2017

Premium Iced Teas

Traditional Unsweetened – $3.99

Luscious Peach – $3.99

Green Blackberry Jasmine – $3.99

Tropical Mango – $3.99

Red Raspberry – $3.99

Frozen Tea & Lemonade

Chai Tea – $5.39

Matcha Tea – $5.39

Lemonade – $5.39

Tea Lattes

African Celebration – $4.89

Masala Chai – $4.89

Matcha – $4.89

Root Beer Float – $4.89

Spirited Beverages

Joffery’s Whisky Sour – Frozen Lemonade topped with Jameson Irish Whisky – $8.49

Tea Breeze – Fresh Brewed Iced Tea with Frozen Lemonade topped with Grey Goose Vodka – $8.49

Frozen or Iced Chai – Signature Frozen Chai Tea topped with Baileys Irish Cream or Grey Goose Vodka – $8.49

Frozen or Iced Matcha – Signature Frozen Matcha Green Tea topped with Baileys Irish Cream – $8.49

Raspberry Delight – Fresh Brewed Raspberry Iced Tea with Frozen Lemonade topped with Grey Goose Vodka – $8.49

Spiked Chai – Chai Latte with Baileys Irish Cream or Grey Goose Vodka – $8.49

Matcha – Matcha Green Tea topped with Baileys Irish Cream – $8.49

Tea Toddy – Fresh Brewed Black Tea with milk and honey topped with Baileys or Maker’s Mark Whisky – $8.49

Orange Spice – Fresh Brewed Orange Spice Tea topped with Captain Morgan Spiced Rum – $8.49

Moroccan Mint – Fresh Brewed Morocann Mint Tea topped with Grey Goose Vodka – $8.49

Loose-Leaf Teas

Assam – A Northern India full-bodied breakfast style black tea with malty richness and a smooth finish – $3.99

Black Currant – A perfect blend of satisfying black teas balanced with brisk black currant and sweet berry – $3.99

Ceylon – A refreshingly simple, classic black tea with a medium body and soft, sweet finish – $3.99

Joffrey’s Breakfast Blend – A wonderfully vibrant cup with notes of sweet caramel and malty oats. Excellent in every way – $3.79

Orange Vanilla White Chocolate – An indulgent dessert tea with creamy vanilla, bright black tea, and sweet citrus – $3.99

Masala Chai – An exuberant cup of black tea and spice is a delicious time-honored favorite – $3.99

Orange Spice – Bold black teas expertly blended with fragrant orange, elegant floral notes and a dash of spice – $3.99

Pineapple Coconut – Brisk black tea, juicy pineapple and creamy coconut make a refreshingly tropical brew – $4.49

Earl Grey – Fine Italian Bergamot and quintessential hearty black tea is this traditional favorite – $3.79

Chocolate Pu’ Erh – Lush, cramy chocolate joined with savory dark tea is dessert in your cup – $3.99

Lemon Ginger – Refreshing green tea mixed with spicy ginger and zesty lemon – $3.99

Sencha Traditional – A time-honored Japanese green tea with mellow vegetal notes – $4.99

Coconut Almond – Creamy sweet coconut, rich almond and natural green tea goodness – $3.99

Jasmine – A classic green tea sweetly scented with pleasing soft notes of Jasmine – $4.49

Moroccan Mint – Vibrant gunpowder green tea paired with a brilliant blend of uplifting mints – $3.79

Cirtus Sorbet – A juicy blend of high mountain oolong enhanced with sweet zesty citrus – $4.49

Tahitian Vanilla Rose – Sweet vanilla combined with the natural floral notes of classic oolong and delicate rose – $4.49

Huang Jin Gui – An elegantly rolled green oolong with natural floral notes and a soft cup – $3.99

Root Beer – A tantalizing, sweet herbal blend that tastes just like root beer sans the fizz. – $3.99

Raspberry Rose – A flavorful blend of sweet raspberry, tart hibiscus, lemon and rose reveals a vibrant cup – $3.99

African Celebration – An opulent combination of premium Rooibos, petals and herbs with rich notes of almond, vanilla, and Mandarin orange – $3.99

Yerba Mate – Earthy and invigorating, this is a lighter, green version of the darker classics – $3.99

Honey Bush – A nectar-like aroma with a satisfying, somewhat sweet cup growninS.Africa. Itpresents a balanced, natural flavor – $3.79

Chamomile Lemon – The natural apple character of Chamomile strikes just the right balance between the natural apple notes of Chamomile and the subtle citrus of lemon grass – $3.99

Honeybell Orange – Crisp white tea coupled with delicate jasmine and the sweet nectar of honeybell orange makes this an invigorating, bright cup – $4.99

Strawberry Seduction – Chinese Bai Mu Dan white tea is blended with succulent strawberries, enhancing the natural sweetness of this full leaf white tea – $4.99

Tea Smith Reserve

Bai Hao Silver Needle – this elegant Spring Silver Needle Tea is fresh from the garden in Fujian Provence, China. Soft young buds are plucked and processed producing a mild, elegant cup unlike any other – $5.99

Darjeeling First Flush – renowned as the “Champagne of Teas” this exceptional, authentic first flush has mild astringency mixed with fruity black notes – $5.99

Golden Monkey Superior – an exquisite superior grade Black Tea with beautiful gold twisted leaves makes this almost as lovely to look at as to drink. Enjoy the intoxicating flavors of Caramel-like character and delicious lingering finish – $5.49

Oriental Beauty – an absolutely spectacular dark Oolong, this full-bodied classic Taiwanese Tea offers subtle hits of Peach and notes of Honey – $5.49


Hot Chocolate – $3.89


Coffee – $3.99

Cappuccino – $4.89

Mocha Latte – $5.39

Frozen Cappuccino – $5.39

Double Espresso – $3.49

Café Latte – $4.89

Vanilla Latte – $5.39

** Tea Traders Cafe Menu and Prices are Subject to Change Without Notice **