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TheMouseForLess Mousekeeping Envelopes
Project Instruction

Now you can download and print out special TheMouseForLess Mousekeeping curved flap envelops for tipping the mousekeepers at your resort!

To download the envelope project, click on the "envelope project" of the specific graphic you like and save the envelope graphic. For the envelope project you will need:

  • A Printer
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Stickers (optional)

Step 1...

Select the preferred graphic by either clicking on the graphic itself or clicking on the "Envelope Project" link. The Envelope Project link in Word is customizable. When the document is open, simply click right behind "From" to get into the text box and type your family name before printing it out. Regular paper will work fine, but heavier grade paper will fold better.


Step 2...

After printing the page, cut carefully along the lines. You can write any additional message to Mousekeeping inside the envelope.


Step 3...

Place the gratuity for your Mousekeeper in the middle of the paper. Fold along the printed line, folding over the previous flap as you go along and inserting the last side into the first flap.


Step 4...




The back of the finished envelope should now look like the top of the three pictures on the left. The envelope is now complete as-is. If you prefer, you can either seal the envelope with a piece of tape or sticker in the center of the folded back like the picture in the center. The front of your finished envelope should look like the picture on the bottom.

Enjoy making your Mousekeeping envelopes!


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