Disneyland Area Transportation

Getting Around the Disneyland Area

Many people who frequent Walt Disney World may be surprised to find that there is no need to hop on a bus, boat, or monorail in order to get from park to park at the Disneyland Resort. The two theme parks, Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park, are right across the Esplanade from each other and are just a quick hop from the gate of one to the gate of the other.

The parks are a fairly easy walk from all three of the onsite resort hotels and several of the offsite hotels, too. Some of the offsite hotels offer complimentary local transportation, but many of the offsite hotels participate in the Anaheim Resort Transportation system or ART. ART provides (at a charge) transportation all over the Anaheim Resort area, as well as to shopping, sporting venues, and Knott’s Berry Farm. The ART route map is available here. The ART website provides a “How-to-Ride” tutorial. The ART system is easy to use and fairly reasonable in price. It’s great for those who didn’t drive their own car or rent a car. It’s also great for those who would rather leave their car parked at the hotel, rather than park at the Disneyland Resort. The ART busses drop riders off at the bus drop-off near the East Esplanade.

Another option for transportation from your hotel to Disneyland or other nearby attractions would be a taxi. The taxi would likely cost more than the ART, but the wait may be less.

If you are interested in renting a car after you reach Disneyland, there are rental car agencies nearby. There is even an Alamo rental office on the edge of Downtown Disney.