Tips for Revealing a Surprise Disney Trip

Tips for Revealing a Surprise Disney Trip

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It can be such a magical experience to surprise someone with a trip to Walt Disney World. There are a ton of videos online of kids and adults receiving this special surprise. We have some advice and ideas for a revealing a surprise Disney trip that will be unforgettable. Just remember, no matter how you choose to reveal your secret, the end result will be an amazing trip!

Things to Think About When Surprising Kids

First you have to decide how the child you are surprising will react to a trip to Walt Disney World. Should they have a little bit of prior knowledge? Many parents like to prepare their kids for Disney by practicing walking together and learning about the theme parks. If this is the case, then the best option for you, would be to reveal your surprise before its time to leave for the trip. If the child you are surprising is able to cope with a surprise trip to Disney, then you could possibly attempt a surprise reaction when you are on your way or once you arrive at your destination.

Remember that kids can be very investigative, and somehow always seem to know when something is up. Be prepared to be extra-secretive with this special surprise! Other people in on the secret, could let the cat out of the bag, so you should also be careful about who knows your special vacation.

Finally consider the needs of your child. Would they like to pack their bags themselves? Do you think the anticipation of the trip would be good for them? (try a Disney Countdown Chain!) How will they handle such a big surprise?

Be aware that all kids may react differently to avoid a let-down if the child is not exuberantly excited.

Things to Think About When Surprising Adults

If surprising a child with a trip to Walt Disney World is difficult, then surprising an adult is as challenging as eating just one potato chip! When surprising an adult, there are many more things to consider including work schedules, packing, and other plans they may have. If we thought that kids were nosy, then adults are ten times more so! With MyDisneyExperience housing all of your planning info in a simple app, it can be easy to lose the surprise to your smartphone! When planning a surprise vacation, make sure that the adult you are surprising does not have other obligations before whisking them off on a magical vacation, and be extra cautious against prying eyes and ears.

Packing for an adult would be the ultimate challenge for me, when I consider pulling off a surprise of this magnitude. The key would be ensuring that you or someone even closer to the individual than you are, is able to sneak around and pack up the Disney essentials without the adult ever becoming suspicious.

Ideas for Revealing the Surprise Disney Trip

Revealing Before the Trip

If you decide to reveal the surprise before going on the trip, a lot of options are available to you. For example, if you reveal the surprise early enough, the person you are surprising could still pack for themselves and prepare for the trip in whatever ways are necessary. If you decide to wait until it is time to leave for Disney before revealing your secret, you could have a dramatic reveal, and then have the travel time to discuss the details of the trip, and appreciate all of the hard work you have put into planning this amazing surprise.

There are so many great ideas out there for those looking to reveal a surprise Disney trip. Here are a few that really seem like a lot of fun!

Mickey Ears IconGift Box – The surprise is revealed in the form of a present. What’s inside the box is up to you, but it tells the person they are going to Disney!

Mickey Ears IconSend a Letter – Everyone loves getting mail, especially kids. Mail a letter with a trip announcement to the person you are surprising.

Mickey Ears IconPuzzle – You can make a puzzle to be solved that will reveal the secret. These can be made online in many places including Shutterfly.

Mickey Ears IconPacked luggage – Reveal the surprise with suitcases full and ready to go!

Mickey Ears IconScavenger Hunt – Provide sneaky clues and have them go on an adventure. See how long it takes for them to figure it out!

Mickey Ears IconSocial Media Reveal – Use Social Media posts to reveal the surprise trip.

Mickey Ears IconDisney Dinner Party – Have a themed dinner party to reveal your vacation destination.

Mickey Ears IconGeocache- This is like the ultimate tech scavenger hunt reveal.

Mickey Ears IconImpossibly hard gift to open – Have you seen those videos where someone wraps a box in like 6 layers including duct tape and a combination lock? Make them work for the surprise!

Mickey Ears IconShock and Awe surprise – Like the Publisher’s Clearing house just show up with balloons, confetti, and whatever else you can think of!

Mickey Ears IconDog collar – Tie a note to the dog’s collar revealing the ultimate vacation.

Mickey Ears IconFalse Countdown – Provide the person you are surprising with a false countdown, and reveal that you will be going sooner than expected.

Not Revealing until Arrival

Mickey Ears IconThe false vacation ploy – pretending to go somewhere else and arriving at Disney World!! – Beware that the fake trip should not be something that the person you are surprising really wants to do!

Mickey Ears IconNot revealing anything – Just start going until they figure out the destination!