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Disney Free Dining 2024 Ultimate Guide and Historical Dates

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One of the most popular discounted Disney packages in recent years has been the Disney’s Free Dining promotion. However, this is not a standard package offering, but rather a special promotion that Disney has offered at least once yearly for the past half-dozen years. Who doesn’t love FREE FOOD at Walt Disney World?

What is Free Dining?

The Disney Free Dining Promotion consists of Disney’s basic Disney Resort Hotel Vacation Package (room and tickets) with a Free Disney Dining Plan. In the past, this has only been offered at select times of the year. Typically in the past, those who booked a value resort got a free Quick Service plan, and those who booked a moderate or above resort got the regular Disney Dining Plan. This is a fantastic deal and everyone hopes Disney will continue offering it in 2024. Disney’s Free Dining Promotion has not been offered since 2019. However, we hope to see dates released for this promotion in 2024!

Could guests upgrade the Free Dining Plan?

Previously when the Free Dining Plan was offered, it was tiered. Basically, guests who booked at a Walt Disney World Value resort could get the Quick Service Dining Plan for free, while guests at a Moderate, Deluxe, or Deluxe Villa Resort would get the Standard Dining Plan for free. Guests who book at a Value Resort and get the free Quick Service plan, could upgrade to the Standard Dining Plan and pay the difference. Currently for 2024, the difference between the Standard Dining Plan and the Quick Service Plan is $37.27 for adults, and $5.86 for children.

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How can guests book Free Dining?

If you’re looking to book a package with the Free Dining Promotion, you can do so with an agent with The Magic For Less Travel. This promotion is available to book for a limited time, which is important to note. Additionally, if you have already made a booking and are now interested in applying this promotion, you can reach out to your current travel agent or contact The Magic For Less Travel for assistance.

Are there any exclusions to The Free Dining Promotion?

In the past, some Walt Disney World Resort Hotels were excluded from the promotion. Previously, the promotion excluded three-bedroom villas, the Cabins at Wilderness Lodge, and the Bungalows at Polynesian Village Resort. With that being said, if you’ve booked one of those resorts or room categories, you switch resorts or rooms, based on availability.

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When is Free Dining Offered?

The Free Dining package has been offered since 2010. Below are the historical dates for Free Dining. As of now, Disney has not yet released any information about The Free Dining Promotion for the year 2024.” Moreover, IF Disney releases Free Dining for 2024, details can be found on our Current Code and Discount page.

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Is the Free Dining Promotion the best discount?

Disney offers other types of discounted packages for the general public for select dates throughout the year. Check our Current Code and Discount page to see all the Disney discounted package offers for the General Public as they release. However, one can’t always assume that free is best. Disney routinely offers room discounts up to 30 or 35 percent off. Depending on the category of hotel you book and the number of people in your party, a discounted room package may work out less expensive than Free Dining.

Most importantly, contact a Disney-specialized travel agency to assist with your reservation if you are unsure of how to do the math. Be sure to check out the Disney Dining Plan page to learn how to make best use of Dining Plan credits!

Previous Free Dining Dates:

  • 2010: booking window 4/29 – 8/14 Disney Visa Card Holder offer for stays 8/15/10 – 10/2/10
  • 2010: booking window 4/29 – 8/14 for stays 8/15/10 – 10/2/10
  • 2010/2011: booking window 8/16 – 12/20 for stays select dates 10/1/10 – 6/2/11
  • 2011: booking window 4/28 – 8/27 Disney Visa Card Holder offer for stays 8/28/11 – 9/24/11
  • 2011: booking window 5/2 – 8/27 for stays 8/28/11 – 9/24/11
  • 2011/2012: booking window 8/3 – 10/29 for stays 10/1/11 – 3/29/12
  • 2012: booking window 3/1 – 5/18 Disney Visa Card Holder offer for stays 8/25/12 – 9/29/12
  • 2012: booking window 3/5 – 5/18 for stays 8/25/12 – 9/29/12
  • 2012: booking window 7/8 – 9/29 Disney Visa Card Holder offer for stays 9/30/12 – 12/13/12
  • 2012: booking window 7/12 – 9/29 for stays (select arrivals) 9/30/12 – 12/20/12
  • 2013: booking window 5/6 – 7/31 Disney Visa Card Holder offer for stays 9/2 – 9/25
  • 2013: booking window 5/9 – 7/31 for stays 9/2 – 9/25
  • 2013: booking window 8/2 – 9/15 for stays select dates from 9/29 – 12/22
  • 2014: booking window 5/1 – 8/8 Disney Visa Card Holder offer for stays select dates from 8/31 – 12/23
  • 2014: booking window 5/7 – 8/8 for stays select dates from 8/31 – 12/23
  • 2015: booking window 4/27-7/10 for select dates from 8/28-10/2; 10/25-10/31; 11/8-11/19; and 12/15-12/21
  • 2016: booking window 4/25-7/8 Disney Visa Card Holder offer for select dates from 8/14-10/1; 11/15-11/21; 11/26-11/28; and 12/10-12/21
  • 2016: booking window 4/25-7/8 for select dates from 8/23-10/1; 11/15-11/21; 11/26-11/28; and 12/10-12/21
  • 2017: booking window 4/24-7/7 for select dates from 8/21-9/30; 11/14-11/20; 11/25-11/27; and 12/8-12/23
  • 2018: booking window 4/24-7/6 for select dates from 8/20-9/29; 11/24-11/27; 11/25-11/27; and 12/7-12/23
  • 2019: booking window 1/2-2/10 for select dates from 7/5-9/30
  • 2024: Disney+ Subscriber FREE DINING Offer: booking window 1/3/2024- for select dates from 7/1/2024-9/30/2024

For more general information about discount packages for 2024, start here.

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