Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Kitchen Feast Menu

Universal's Toothsome Chocolate Emporium Menu

At Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Kitchen Feast, Guests can enjoy extraordinary delights that await you at this full-service restaurant, bar, and confectionery. Guests can delight in gourmet chocolates, savor artisanal milkshakes, and one-of-kind desserts that will right before your very eyes.

Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Kitchen Feast is brought to life by Professor Doctor Penelope Tibeaux-Tinker Toothsome who has learned new and fascinating methods of infusing chocolate into the most extraordinary recipes. Penelope was determined to share her love and knowledge of chocolate with the world, so she built The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen in a Steampunk-inspired style.

Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Kitchen Feast is located in Universal Orlando’s Citywalk.  Find more Universal Orlando dining locations on our Universal Orlando Resort menus page.

Hours of operation:
Monday – Thursday: 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Friday – Sunday: 11:00 am – 12:00 am
No reservations / Walk-ups available

Lunch & Dinner Menu  Brunch Menu  Dessert Menu  Kids’ Menu  Drink Menu


Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Kitchen Feast Menu – Lunch & Dinner

Menu Date: 2024


Warm Chocolate Almond Bread – $5.95
Fresh chocolate almond bread, salted caramel butter

Crab & Artichoke Dip – $14.95
Cheese blend, chipotle pepper, spinach, oven baked lavosh

Truffle Fries – $8.95
Shredded Parmesan, fresh herbs, white truffle oil

Philly Cheesesteak Rolls – $13.95
Cheesesteaks with peppers and onions in a crispy wrapper, cherry pepper aioli

Avocado Bruschetta – $11.95
Smashed avocado, vegan feta, heirloom tomatoes, red onions, chives, toasted crostini

Pork Belly Sliders – $13.95
Caramelized onions, mustard aioli, arugula, chocolate dipped bacon, pretzel bun

Totchos – $11.95
Fried tator tots, spicy green chili, crispy pork belly, andouille sausage, queso

Baked Brie en Croute – $13.95
with raspberry marmalade, served with fresh fruit, toasted almonds, chocolate almond bread, and oven baked lavash

Kettle Chip Nachos – $14.95
Housemade chips, shredded pork, andouille sausage queso, sweet peppers

Roasted Brussels Sprouts – $9.95
Charred Brussels sprouts, jalapeno mayo, cotija cheese, ancho chili powder

Coffee and Chocolate Stout Chicken Wings – $14.95
Flash fried, chocolate stout glaze, sesame seeds


Waldorf Chicken Salad – $18.95
Grilled chicken breast, grapes, Granny Smith apples, sundried cranberries, celery, candied walnuts, shredded romaine, blue cheese, Dijon vinaigrette, crunchy apple chips

Toothsome Nicoise – $20.95
Our version of the French classic…citrus crusted tuna, fingerling potatoes, olives, eggs, asparagus, tomatoes, red onions and citrus vinaigrette

Sedona Barbecue Chicken – $18.95
Chipotle grilled chicken, romaine, roasted corn, black beans, avocado, pepper jack cheese, vine tomatoes, spiced pumpkin seeds, sweety drop peppers, chipotle lime vinaigrette, crispy tortilla strips

Caesar Salad – $14.95
Romaine hearts, Parmesan, croutons, Caesar dressing – $11.95
add chicken – $3.00
add shrimp – $9.00

Super Foods – $18.95
Spinach, arugula, avocado, quinoa, asparagus, sundried roasted tomatoes, red onion, pine nuts, feta cheese and citrus vinaigrette


French Onion Soup
Croutons, Gruyere cheese
Bowl – $9.95
Cup – $6.95


BBQ Chicken – $14.95
Caramelized onions, mozzarella, Gouda, micro cilantro

Classic Margherita – $13.95
San Marzano tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil, extra virgin olive oil

Pepperoni – $14.95
San Marzano tomato, fresh mozzarella

Sandwiches & Hamburgers

Red Reuben – $17.95
Boar’s Head corned beef, Alpine Lace Swiss cheese, braised red cabbage, grilled artisan rye, 1000 Island dressing

Monte Cristo – $17.95
Ham, turkey, swiss on a French loaf with strawberry jam, topped with powdered sugar and marinated berries

The Croque Monsieur – $17.95
Country ham, Gruyère cheese, French loaf toasted, topped with béchamel sauce, grated parmesan and fontina cheese mix

Southern Fried Chicken BLT – $17.95
Crispy boneless chicken breast, tomatoes, butter bibb lettuce, bacon, mustard aioli, toasted brioche

Vegetable Press – $16.95
Roasted vegetables, portobello mushrooms, arugula pesto, Gruyere and dill Havarti cheeses, cranberry herb artisan bread


Chicken Cordon Bleu – $17.95
Buttermilk fried chicken breast stuffed with sliced ham and Swiss cheese over fresh spinach, fontina mornay, toasted brioche bun

Tuna Melt Madame – $16.95
Challah bread, tuna, tomato, Gruyère cheese, spinach, red onion, cucumber, sunny side up egg
Without egg – $15.95

Pub It Up – $18.95
Half pound housemade patty, andouille sausage queso, cheddar cheese, Dijon mustard and kettle chips on a pretzel bun

Tour de France – $18.95
Half pound housemade patty, bibb lettuce, roasted tomatoes, sunny side up egg, avocado, crispy onions, French Brie, toasted brioche

May Contain Bacon – $20.95
Half pound housemade patty, bibb lettuce, smokey thick cut bacon, grilled pork belly, pineapple chutney, chipotle Jack cheese, pretzel bun

Maple Bacon Burger – $18.95
Half pound housemade patty, cheddar and gorgonzola cheese, Maple Bacon apple compote, toasted brioche bun

Cheddar Bacon – $18.95
Half pound, housemade patty, bibb lettuce, roasted tomatoes, signature sauce, toasted brioche

Pasta & Entrees


Gnocchi – $21.95
Grilled chicken, sweet peppers, rapini, mole cream sauce

Wild Mushroom, Chicken Risotto – $21.95
White truffle oil, Parmesan crust

Fettuccine Alfredo – $19.95
The classic – Parmigiano Reggiano
Add chicken – $6.00
Add shrimp – $9.00

Pork Fricassee – $29.95
pan-seared bone in pork chop, creamy white mushroom sauce, spinach, carrots, Yukon gold mash, apple chutney

Vegetable Pasta – $18.95
Zucchini and eggplant noodles served with portobello mushroom steak, carrots, sweety drop peppers, heirloom tomatoes, roasted Romesco sauce

Shrimp Macaroni and Cheese – $25.95
Fresh garganelli pasta, fontina mornay sauce, chipotle pepper

Chicken Bercy – $22.95
Boneless breast, white wine, demi glaze, lemon juice, shallots, butter, fresh herbs, asparagus, Yukon Gold mashed potatoes

Braised Short Ribs – $29.95
Aged cheddar grits, roasted carrots, natural jus, cocoa gremolata

Grilled Teriyaki Salmon – $27.95
Asian inspired vegetables, jasmine rice, miso broth, micro cilantro

Chicken Bourguignon – $22.95
Boneless breast, red wine, demi-glace, pearl onions, quartered mushrooms, bacon, Yukon Gold mashed potatoes, asparagus

Brisket and Wild Mushroom Meatloaf – $22.95
Roasted corn, crispy fried onions, Yukon Gold mashed potatoes, bordelaise sauce

Toothsome Signature Beef Filet Mignon Oscar – $36.95
6 oz filet, sherry mushroom cream, Yukon Gold mashed potatoes, pearl onions, grilled asparagus, shallot jam

Grilled 10oz New York Strip Steak – $35.95
Lyonnaise potatoes, grilled asparagus, fried onions, Bernaise sauce

Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Kitchen Feast Menu – Brunch


Hazelnut and Banana – $15.95
Mascarpone, Nutella, bruleed bananas, chopped hazelnuts, powdered sugar, chocolate whipped cream

Berries and Cream – $14.95
Lemon curd, fresh berries, micro mint, powdered sugar, fresh whipped cream


Berries and Cream – $11.95
Topped with fresh seasonal berries, fresh whipped cream, powdered sugar, lemon curd, micro mint

Bananas Foster – $12.95
Caramelized bananas, brown sugar, walnuts, rum, butter, fresh whipped cream, powdered sugar

Chocolate Waffle – $11.95
Chocolate shavings, chocolate chunks, raspberry chocolate ganache, whipped topping, micro mint, powdered sugar, crushed Oreos 

Waffle – $10.95
Your favorite… plain and simple

French Toast

Patty Melt – $15.95
Challah, half-pound housemade patty, sunny-side up egg, grilled pork belly, cheddar cheese, Lyonnaise potatoes

Banana and Hazelnut – $13.95
Challah, banana mascarpone filling, Nutella, bruleed banana, Lyonnaise potatoes

Country Fresh – $13.95
Challah brioche stuffed with  Gruyere cheese and smoky ham, sunny-side up egg, bearnaise sauce, Lyonnaise potatoes


Quiche Lorraine – $13.95
Applewood bacon, Gruyere cheese, fresh fruit, and choice of side salad or soup

Broccoli Cheddar – $13.95
English colby cheddar, fresh broccoli, fresh fruit, and choice of side salad or soup

Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Kitchen Menu – Desserts

Jacques’ Specialty Milkshakes

Confetti – $17.00
Vanilla ice cream, confetti cake, vanilla buttercream frosting, rainbow sprinkles, whipped topping

Right Side Up Shake – $17.00
Vegan pineapple upside down cake, brown sugar, caramel, pineapples, oatmilk whipped topping

Red Velvet – $16.00
Vanilla ice cream, Red Velvet cupcake, raspberry sauce, rainbow sprinkles, whipped topping, maraschino cherry

Thrilla in Vanilla – $17.00
Vanilla ice cream, vanilla pastry cream, vanilla wafers, vanilla macaron, maraschino cherry, whipped topping

Marshmallow Crisp
– $15.00Vanilla ice cream, rice crispies, marshmallow fluff, whipped topping, Rice Krispies® treat

Heavenly Hazelnut – $17.00
Nutella® ice cream, hazelnuts, Nutella®, cocoa powder, whipped topping

That’s “Mint” – $17.00
Minty chocolate chip ice cream, Andes mints, mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich

Cookie Jar – $17.00
Vanilla ice cream, Oreo®, oatmeal, and chocolate chip cookies, whipped topping

Brownie – $17.00
Dutch chocolate ice cream, brownie, milk chocolate swirl

Espresso Buzzzz – $16.00
Coffee ice cream, espresso, chocolate espresso beans, whipped topping, maraschino cherry

Strawberry Cheesecake – $16.00
Sour cream ice cream, cheesecake, graham crackers, whipped topping, chocolate dipped strawberry

Key Lime Pie – $15.00
Sour cream ice cream, sweet condensed milk, lime juice, lime sugar, lime garnish

Chocolate X5 – $17.00
Chocolate ice cream, chocolate chunks, strawberries, chocolate sauce, whipped topping, chocolate spirals


May Contain Nuts – $14.00
Peanut butter ice cream, peanut brittle, Reese’s® peanut butter cups, chocolate peanut butter pie, whipped topping, peanut butter sauce, topped with Reese’s® Pieces

Apple Pie – $14.00
Apple pie, streusel, apple pie filling, vanilla ice cream, cinnamon sugar pie crumbles

Banana Cream Pie – $14.00
Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry ice cream, chocolate covered banana, slice of banana cream pie, strawberry, chocolate, and caramel sauces, chocolate almond bark, whipped topping, rainbow sprinkles

Strawberry Shortcake – $14.00
Strawberry peanut butter ice cream, cheesecake, white chocolate almond bark, whipped topping, chocolate covered strawberry

Chocolate Brownie Bark – $13.00
Chocolate ice cream, chocolate brownies, chocolate whipped topping, chocolate sauce, chocolate brownie bark, chocolate sprinkles

Brookies, Cookies, and Cream – $13.00
Brookie, chocolate chip cookie, Oreo® cookies and cream ice cream, whipped topping, chocolate sauce, chocolate shavings

Birthday Cake – $14.00
Confetti cake, white chocolate ice cream, cake cone, rainbow sprinkles, buttercream, strawberry sauce

S’mores – $14.00
Chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce, marshmallow cream, graham crackers, jumbo marshmallow s’ more


Triple Chocolate Bread Pudding – $10.00
Three types of chocolate, chocolate cake, white chocolate ice cream

Flourless Chocolate Cake – $11.00
Warm cake, Nutella ice cream, raspberry sauce

Chocolate Cream Pie – $10.00
Chocolate cream filling, fresh whipped cream, chocolate curls

Potted Chocolate Cream – $9.00
Creamy chocolate pudding served in a copper pan

Chocolate Creme Brulee – $9.00
Creamy chocolate custard, caramelized sugar shell

Classic French Chocolate Mousse – $9.00
Smooth, airy, rich chocolate flavor

Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Kitchen Feast Menu – Kid’s

Chicken Fingers – $9.95
French fries

Mini Burger – $9.95
American cheese, French fries

Marinara Garganelli – $9.95
Garganelli pasta, marinara sauce

Chicken with Rice – $9.95
Grilled chicken, Jasmine rice

Waffle – $9.95
Maple syrup, bacon

Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Kitchen Feast Menu – Drinks

Some menu items may not be available at this time.

Non Alcoholic

Fountain Soda – $4.75
Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Fanta Orange, Minute Maid Lemonade

Gold Peak Tea – $4.75
Sweet or Unsweet

Bottled Water – $6.00
San Pellegrino or Aqua Panna

Juice – $3.25
Apple, Orange, Cranberry, Pineapple, or Grapefruit

Milk  $3.25
Whole or Chocolate

Cappuccino – $4.50

Cafe Americana – $4.00

Latte – $4.00


Classic Old Fashioned – $17.00
Woodford Reserve whiskey, sugar, Angostura bitters

Old Chocolate Fashioned – $15.50
Bird Dog chocolate whiskey, Cherry Heering liqueur, sugar, chocolate, and orange bitters

Revolutionary Old Fashioned – $16.25
Four Roses bourbon, creme de framboise, Cointreau, sugar, Peychaud’s bitters

Vanilla Chocolate Cocktail – $14.75
Madagascar vanilla vodka, Trader Vick’s dark chocolate, Faretti chocolate, chocolate bitters

Violette’s Dream – $16.25
Big Gin, Creme de Violette, lemon juice, grapefruit juice

Cell AZ-85 – $15.00
Templeton Rye whiskey, vermouth, pineapple juice, lemon juice

Peach Smash – $14.75
Old Forester 86, peach puree, lime juice, aromatic bitters

Chocolate Cherry Mule – $14.75
Double Chocolate vodka, brandied cherry, ginger beer, chocolate bitters

Very Old Fashioned – $16.25
Bols Genever, sugar, Angostura bitters

Mocha Old Fashioned – $17.00
Afrohead cocoa infused dark rum, sugar, chocolate bitters

High Fashioned – $14.75
Old Forester 86, brandied cherry, chocolate bitters

Wicked Cherry – $16.25
Mount Gay Black Barrel rum, cherry Heering liqueur, creme de framboise, chocolate bitters

Chocolate Coffee Banana – $16.25
Caribe Club banana rum, Galliano Ristretto liqueur, Faretti chocolate, soy milk, chocolate bitters

Macadamia Chocolate Cherry – $14.75
Double Chocolate vodka, Drambuie 15, macadamia nut liqueur

Curious Cacao – $15.50
Wicked Dolphin coconut rum, creme de cacao, chocolate liqueur


Four Roses Small Batch, Elijah Craig Small Batch, Bulleit, Bulleit 10, Booker’s, Woodford Reserve, Angels Envy

Rittenhouse, Templeton

The Glenlivet 18, Oban 14, The Macallan 15, Talisker 10, The Benriac

Redbreast 12 Single Pot Still, Jameson Irish whiskey, Hudson whiskey, Remy Martin VS


Smooth & Easy – $19.00
Oban 14, Rittenhouse Rye, Redbreast 12 Single Pot Still

Big & Bold – $19.00
Blanton’s, Stranahan’s, Glenfiddich 12


 Bottle – $9.00 – $12.00
Assorted Beers and Ciders

Draught – $9.50 – $11.25
Assorted IPA, Stout, and more

Potent Potables

Four Roses
Woodford Reserve
Elijah Craig
Bulleit 10
Buffalo Trace
Maker’s Mark
Old Forester
Jim Beam
Gentleman Jack

Jack Daniel’s
Redbreast 12
Crown Royal Black
Crown Royal
Canadian Club
Bird Dog Chocolate
Seagram’s VO
Southern Comfort

Bombay Sapphire
Miller’s London Dry
Big Gin

Glenfiddich 12
The Glenlivet 12
The Glenlivet 18
Johnnie Walker Blue
The Macallan 12
The Macallan 15
Oban 14
Talisker 10
Johnnie Walker Black
The Benriach

Grey Goose
Ketel One
Russian Standard
Ketel One Citroen
Hangar 1
360 Madagascar Vanilla
360 Double Chocolate
360 Red Raspberry

Mount Gay Black Barrel
Flor de Cana Gold
Bacardi Anejo
Bacardi Light
Wicked Dolphin
Myer’s Dark
Leblon Cachaca
Afro-head Cocoa Infused
Club Caribe Banana
Captain Morgan Spiced

Angels Envy

American Born
Firefly Apple
Firefly Cherry

Courvoisier VS
Hennessey VS
Remy Martin VSOP

Cabo Wabo Reposado
Casamigos Blanco
Patron XO Cafe
Patron Silver

Grand Marnier
Godiva White Chocolate
Godiva Dark Chocolate
Heering Cherry
Amaretto Disaronno
Bailey’s Irish Cream
Galliano Ristretto
Bols Genever


Assorted Wines
Glass – $11.00 – $16.00
Bottle – $41.00 – $135.00

** Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Kitchen Feast Menu and Prices are Subject to Change Without Notice **

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