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Illumination’s Minion Cafe Menu

Illumination's Minion Cafe Menu

Get a taste of Minion mischief!  Discover fun, inventive cuisine at this restaurant and see what is on the Minion Cafe menu.

Illumination’s Minion Cafe is located in the Universal Studios Florida theme park. Find more Universal Orlando dining locations on our Universal Orlando Resort menus page.

Open daily. Visit location or check with Guest Services for hours.


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Illumination’s Minion Cafe Menu

Menu Date: 2024


Kevin’s Chopa Chopa Salad – $15.99
purple cabbage and arugula, tomatoes, cucumber, edamame, crispy pork belly, pulled rotisserie chicken, green banana chips and a mustard ale vinaigrette

El Macho’s Salsa y Salsa Ropa Vieja – $17.99
braised beef with tomato cucumber salad, cilantro rice, salsa roja and El Macho tostones

Carl’s Crispy Cauliflower – $15.99
crispy cauliflower florets with sweet & spicy chili sauce, coconut blue rice, Thai cucumbers and edamame

Lucy’s Top Secret Salmon – $19.99
wood-grilled Atlantic salmon, coconut blue rice, Thai cucumbers, edamame, lipstick taser sauce

Illumination's Minion Cafe menu- Otto's Noodle Bowl

Otto’s Noodle Bowl – $17.99
slow roasted porchetta, udon noodles, tare egg, cilantro, roast corn, shrimp dumpling, tonkotsu broth

Chicken Stuart’s Szechuan Surprise – $16.99
Szechuan glazed rotisserie chicken, stir fried vegetable lo mein

Agnes’ Honeymoon Soup – $14.99
green tomato soup, crispy pork belly, tomato gummy bear, basil oil served with a pimento cheddar grilled cheese sandwich

*Allergen Note: Please inform a manager or Chef’s Assistant prior to ordering if someone in your party requires special dietary accommodations.


Uncle Dru’s Belly Fillin’ Pork Sandwich – $15.99
slow roasted porchetta, chimichurri sauce, mustard aioli, apple butter, bacon jam, arugula, Hawaiian pretzel bun, green banana chips

Steak & “Cheese Ray” Sandwich – $15.99
French onion dipped roast beef, caramelized onions, secret sauce, cheesy blast pimento cheese on a cheddar & onion roll – $15.99

Off the Flames

Mel’s Meatball Mountain – $14.99
wood oven baked stuffed pizza with meatballs, basil, fresh mozzarella and marinara


Fluffy Unicorn Cupcake – $5.99
confetti cupcake, vanilla & bubble gum icing, topped with a chocolate unicorn horn

Minion Swiss Roll – $7.99
vanilla cake with a pineapple cardamom whipped ganache, passion fruit “banana” with a chocolate shell

Bob’s Teddy Bear Chocolate Cream Puff – $6.99
filled with a chocolate whipped ganache

Otto’s Pet Rock – $8.99
peanut butter mousse, strawberry jelly, crushed peanuts, banana cake dipped in a chocolate shell


Minion Tots – $5.49

Coconut Blue Rice – $3.49

Green Banana Chips – $3.99

Mini Banana – $1.99


Single Serve Coca-Cola Freestyle® cup
Enjoy more than 100 drink choices with the Coca-Cola Freestyle® single-serve cup – $4.49

Coca-Cola Freestyle® Souvenir Cup
Enjoy more than 100 drink choices and refills thru the day* with the Coca-Cola Freestyle® souvenir cup. Get 3–6 souvenir cups for $13.99 each, 2 for $15.99 each, or 1 for $17.99 at participating Coca-Cola Freestyle® locations. – $17.99

Extra day of refills for Freestyle® Cup
Add an extra day of refills thru the day* to your previously purchased Coca-Cola Freestyle® Souvenir Cup – $10.99

*Valid Coca-Cola Freestyle® Souvenir Cup required to dispense Coca-Cola Freestyle®. Refills are limited to no more than one (1) pour from the Coca-Cola Freestyle® machine per 10 minutes and valid day of purchase only. Sharing is not permitted. Additional restrictions may apply which are subject to change without notice.

H20+ Premium – $6.00
Perrier® – $5.50
Minute Maid Orange Juice – $3.29
Minute Maid Apple Juice – $3.29
Powerade Fruit Punch – $5.50
Powerade Mountain Berry Blast – $5.50
2% Milk – $3.69
Chocolate Milk – $3.69
Courtesy Cup of Water

Hot Beverages
coffee, decaf coffee, hot cocoa, hot tea

Specialty Beverages

Minion Cafe menu - PX-41 Punch and The Antidote

PX-41 Punch – $7.99
Lemonade with bright flavors of strawberry and kiwi, with Evil Minion-colored topping and Blue Raspberry Pop Rocks!

The Antidote – $7.99
Oodles of banana flavor with Minion-colored topping and graham cracker crumbles! Tastes like a banana cream pie!

Beer and Wine

Canned Beer
Modelo Especial – $11.00
Wells Banana Bread – $12.00
Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing – $12.00
Miller Lite – $10.00
Truly Vodka Seltzer Blackberry Lemonade – $12.00

Spellbound Cabernet Sauvignon – $10.00
Nobles Vine 446 Chardonnay – $10.00

Menion Cafe Menu – Mini Minions

Mini Boss’ Mega Melt – $8.99
pimento cheddar grilled cheese with Minion tots and a mini banana

Freedonia Festival of Mac & Cheese – $8.99
mini shells tossed in a creamy white cheddar cheese sauce with Minion tots and a mini banana

Shrunken Moonballs with Flying Sauce – $8.99
mini meatballs in marinara over spaghetti with Minion tots and a mini banana

Mr. Gru’s PB & Jelly – $8.99
pressed peanut butter & Gru’s jelly with Minion tots and a mini banana


** Illunination’s Minion Cafe Menu and Prices are Subject to Change Without Notice **

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