The Hopping Pot Menu

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Don’t miss the chance to grab a light snack or a wizard’s drink at the walk up counter located in Carkitt Market. The Hopping Pot menu offers a variety of drinks for muggles to choose. Available options include Butterbeer (regular or frozen) and Pumpkin Juice, as well as some of the lesser known beverages that are popular in the wizarding world.¬† This quick service window also offers alcoholic choices like Fire Whiskey, Wizard’s Brew and Dragon Scale. Located close to where Celestina Warbeck and the Banshees perform, The Hopping Pot is a convenient place to grab Butterbeer Ice-Cream before or after a live performance. The nearby picnic tables give you a great place to rest and people watch. Perhaps you can pick out the visiting muggles from the regular wizards and witches that frequent Diagon Alley.

Hours of operation vary. Check at the location or see Guest Services for details.

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The Hopping Pot Menu

Menu Date 05/2019

Non-Alcoholic Drinks


Frozen Butterbeer

Tongue Tying Lemon Squash

Otter’s Fizzy Orange Juice

Fishy Green Ale

Peachtree Fizzing Tea

Pumpkin Juice


Alcoholic Drinks

Wizard’s Brew

Dragon Scale

Draught Beer

Fire Whiskey


Beef Pasties

Hopping Pot

Butterbeer Ice-Cream

***The Hopping Pot Menu Items and Prices are Subject to Change***

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