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Bend The Bao Menu

At Universal Orlando Resort‘s CityWalk guests can try Bend The Bao for delectable fusion cuisine. Bend The Bao menu includes Bao Bun specialties, kimchee fried chicken, sake, and more! This American-Asian fusion restaurant is sure to be unforgettable for it’s unique use of ingredients and flare.

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Bend The Bao Menu

Menu Date: 2024

Po’s Bao Buns

Kung Fu Panda Bao Combo – $14.99
Steamed Kung Fu combo with a sweet Coconut Matcha Custard and a Chicken Teriyaki Bun

Coconut Matcha – $7.99
Steamed Bun filled with sweet Coconut Matcha Custard

Chicken Teriyaki – $7.99
Black steamed Bun filled with Chicken Teriyaki


2 Bao – $12.29 | Each Additional Bao – $4.69 

Kimchee Fried Chicken, Kimchee Butter, Gochujang, Cucumber, Scallion, Sriracha Aioli

Pork Belly
Pork Belly, Scallions, Cucumber, Honey-roasted Peanuts, Cilantro

Braised Duck, Kimchee Slaw, XO Sauce, Cilantro, 5 Spice Aioli

Beef Brisket
Beef Brisket, Pickled Red Onion, Cilantro, Avocado Lime Crema

Roasted Oyster Mushrooms, Spinach, Sweet Potato, Caramelized Onion, Smoked Ricotta Cheese,  Tomatillo sauce

Fried Shrimp, shredded Cabbage, Avocado, Pico de Gallo, Cipotle Crema

Crab Cake
Maryland-style Crab Cake, shredded Lettuce, diced Tomato, Mustard Aioli

Two Bao Combo – $12.29

Three Bao Combo – $16.99

Bend The Bao Beverages


Mango Moonlight – $16.00

Sho Chiku Bai Junmai – $11.00

Moonstone Coconut Lemongrass Nigori – $14.00

Joto – $14.00


Coors Light – $10.00

Original Sin Crimson Chaos – $10.75

Original Sin Pineapple – $10.75

Sapporo Silver – $13.50

Kirin Ichiban – $14.50

Truly Vodka Seltzer Blackberry Lemonade – $12.00

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Fountain Soda – $4.49
Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero Sugar, Sprite, Fanta Orange, Powerade Mountain Berry Blast

Blue Bao Boba – $7.79

Dark Roasty Boba – $7.79

Mango Boba – $7.79

Lychee Boba – $7.79

Lavender Boba – $7.79

Premium Bottled Water – $6.00


*Bend The Bao menu items and prices subject to change.*

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