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A Haunted Mansion Bar Will Materialize on the Disney Treasure

Oh my goodness! Do you feel the sympathetic vibrations from the Happy Haunts? That’s because they will be materializing in the form of the world’s first Haunted Mansion-themed bar! It will be found on the Disney Cruise Line ship, the Disney Treasure.

Guests will be able to enjoy craft cocktails while experiencing The Haunted Mansion Parlor. This space brings the fan-favorite attraction to life in a whole new way.

The Haunted Mansion Parlor

The design of the Haunted Mansion Parlor will resemble a first-class drawing room of a classic cruise liner from the golden age. The space will invoke inspiration from the original Haunted Mansion, however it’s going to include a nautical twist. The space will be complete with nostalgic tributes to Haunted Mansion attractions from around the world. For example the space will include the iconic wallpaper and the attraction’s distinctive armchair tucked in the corner.

You will also encounter a few legendary characters from the original Disney Parks attraction, as well as some new seafaring arrivals, in a portrait gallery depicting the Disney Treasure’s own ghostly residents.

Take a look at the video that Disney shared!


The Drinks

The Haunted Mansion Parlor

The space will feature a number of unique cocktails that capture the spirit of the attraction, like the Sympathetic Libations which will invite you to sip on sour cherry and blood orange flavors in a specialty tiki mug.


There will also be the Ghoulish Delight, which will combine decadent ube fudge, oat milk and tapioca pearls into a glittery purple concoction, garnished with a gummy eyeball.


Finally, there will be a ghostly twist on a classic margarita, presented to Guests amidst a swirl of flavored smoke. This signature drink at the Haunted Mansion Parlor will be topped with a lemon salt foam and it will be a tequila-based cocktail that will contain a secret message, only to be revealed by black light.

The Merchandise


In addition, for those looking to pick up some merchandise, there will be an exclusive new collection that will only be found on the Disney Treasure. It will include The Haunted Mansion Parlor Music Box which will be a keepsake inspired by an eerie music box that will be found inside the lounge. As the rumors go, this mysterious box belonged to the captain’s bride-to-be and only opens in the presence of malevolent spirits.


There will also be the Haunted Mansion Parlor clock will evoke the nostalgic allure of the Haunted Mansion.


And, a ghost may even follow you home courtesy of The Haunted Mansion Parlor Mirror which will offer a frightening surprise when the hitchhiking ghosts mysteriously appear in the frame.



The Haunted Mansion Parlor is one of several Disney Parks-inspired venues that will debut onboard the Disney Treasure. The lineup will also include Skipper Society which is a lounge inspired by the Jungle Cruise parks attraction. There will also be Periscope Pub, which is inspired by the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea legacy parks attraction.

You can experience the Disney Treasure for yourself when it sets sail in 2024.

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