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Kabuki Cafe Menu


Enjoy the refined yet refreshing Japanese favorites of edamame, sushi, beer, sake and more at Kabuki Cafe.

Restaurant Info: Japanese, Snack, $ – under $14.99 per adult

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Kabuki Cafe Menu

Menu Date: 02/2016

Feature Item

Kakigori – Japanese Shaved Ice topped with fruit syrups: Strawberry, Melon, Cherry, Tangerine, or Rainbow (all three flavors) – $3.75 snack icon

Add Sweet Milk Topping – $1


California Roll – Avocado, Cucumber, Crab, Mayonnaise. Smelt Roe Rolled in Sushi Rice – $4.98 snack icon

Combo Sushi – 2 Pieces of California Roll with Salmon and Shrimp Temari Sushi – $4.98 snack icon

HAKO Sushi – “Box Style” Salmon, Tuna and Shrimp – $5.21 snack icon

Ice Cream

Green Tea – Matcha or Strawberry Azuki – $3.75 snack icon


Soda – Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Powerade – $2.82 snack icon

Bottled Water – $2.75 snack icon

Hot Chocolate – $2.25 snack icon

Japanese Soda, RAMUNE – $2.99 snack icon

Frozen Alcoholic Drinks

Strawberry Lemonade Smash – A Frosty Strawberry Smookie blended with Lemonade and Sake – $8.50

Frozen Cocktail – $8.25


Kirin Draft Beer – $8.00

Kirin Light (bottle) – $6.00

Asahi (bottle) – $7.00

Sapporo (bottle) – $12.00

Kirin Frozen – This frozen draft beer can only be found in one spot in the continental U.S.: the Japan Pavilion at Epcot. It’s a light frozen topping made of beer that keeps the draft nice ‘n cold for about 30 minutes. The topping looks a little like ice cream – but it’s actually beer and tastes like beer – $8.25


Plum Wine – $6.47

Cold or Hot sake – $6.47

snack icon = Snack on the Disney Dining Plan

** Menu and Prices are Subject to Change Without Notice **

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