Freeze Ray Pops Menu

Freeze Ray Pops

Freeze Ray Pops menu at Universal Orlando Resort is thirst quenching where you can find a variety of flavors of Ice Pops and beverages.

Located at Universal Studios park nearby the popular attraction Illumination’s Villain-Con Minion Blast this quick service stop is open daily during typical park hours.

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Freeze Ray Pops Menu

Menu Date: 2023

Specialty Ice Pops

Minion – $8.99
Blue Banana

Gru – $8.99
With Nutella

Vector – $8.99
Orange Cream

Freeze Ray Ice Pops

Mango – $5.99

Strawberry – $5.99

Coconut – $5.99

Blueberry Lemonade – $5.99

Cotton Candy – $5.99

Cheesecake – $5.99

Lemon Mint – $5.99

Cookies & Cream – $5.99


Premium Bottled Water – $6.00

Powerade – $5.50
Fruit Punch and Mountain Berry Blast


*Freeze Ray Pops Menu is subject to change.*

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