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Take a break from the park’s New York streets and enter a traditional Irish-American pub where the food, drink and music take you back to the Emerald Isle. Finnegan’s Bar and Grill is both a lively pub and a full-service restaurant.
Restaurant Info: Irish-American/Lunch and Dinner/$$$-$$$$

Lunch and Dinner Menu

Menu Date: 03/2016


Finnegans Potato and Onion Web

Finnegan’s Potato and Onion Webb
Thinly sliced potatoes and onions, hand dipped in beer batter, crisply fried golden brown and served with malt vinegar – $6.99

Shrimp Scargo
Shrimp broiled in garlic-herb butter and white wine, then smothered in provolone cheese. Served with a warm baguette – $7.99

Irish Chicken Stingers
Lightly breaded chicken tenders fried, tossed in spicy buffalo sauce and served with celery sticks and bleu cheese dressing for dipping – $7.99

Cornish Pasti
Bite-size pastry pies stuffed with ground beef, potatoes, carrots and onions. Served with homemade apple beet salad – $7.99

Scotch Eggs
Hard-boiled eggs wrapped in sausage, dusted with bread crumbs and fried. Served warm with apple beet salad and mustard sauce – $6.59

Reilly’s Chicken Wings
Lightly dusted golden fried chicken wings tossed in a spicy buffalo sauce. Served with celery sticks and bleu cheese dressing for dipping – $8.99


Homemade Misty Isle Potato and Leek Soup V
Our rich, creamy soup is made fresh in our kitchen daily – $4.99

Split Pea and Ham Soup
Traditionally made fresh in our kitchen daily – $4.99

Finnegan’s Favorites

Add a side salad or bowl of soup to your entrée for only $2.99
Irish Fish ‘n Chips
North Atlantic fresh cod fried in ale batter with wedge fries. Malt vinegar and tartar sauce – $13.99

Shepherd’s Pie
Seasoned ground beef mixture with mushrooms, carrots, peas and onions and crowned with a crust of potatoes and served with root cellar vegetables – $12.49 Add cheddar cheese $.79

Bangers and Mash
Country pork and beef sausage with homemade roasted garlic mashed potatoes and root cellar vegetables – $12.49

County Cork Corned Beef and Cabbage
Tender corned beef with red bliss potatoes and root cellar vegetables – $11.99

Misty Isle Mixed Grill
Country sausage and chicken breast grilled with apple smoked bacon with roasted garlic mashed potatoes and root cellar vegetables – $11.99

Newcastle Chicken
Grilled chicken breast topped with peppercorn butter with our homemade garlic mashed potatoes and root cellar vegetables – $10.99

Kilkenny Pot Pie
This hearty pie is baked with chicken, mushrooms, carrots and leeks under a fresh flaky pastry crust. Root cellar vegetables – $10.99

Dingle Seafood Pie
Fresh salmon, cod, and shrimp in a light cream sauce crowned with mashed potatoes and baked until golden brown and topped with aged Cheddar cheese. Root cellar vegetables – $14.99

Guinness Beef Stew
Country fare stew brimming with beef, carrots and pearl onions in a Guinness-infused gravy surrounding a stack of mashed potatoes – $13.49

North Atlantic Baked Cod Fish
Fresh filet of cod lightly covered with seasoned bread crumbs, baked golden brown, and topped with a tomato slice and lemon wheel. Red bliss potatoes and root cellar vegetables – $16.99

Finnegan’s Pub Sirloin Steak
Char-grilled choice sirloin served with garlic mashed potatoes, root cellar vegetables and topped with peppercorn butter – $21.99

Grilled Filet of Salmon
Lightly seasoned grilled salmon topped with fresh dill butter and fried leeks on a bed of garlic mashed potatoes. Fresh steamed broccoli and Parmesan crusted baked tomato – $16.99


Celtic Chicken Club Salad
Grilled chicken breast, bacon, aged Cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes and julienne squash over a bed of lettuce, garnished with our famous Potato and Onion Webb. Choice of dressing – $11.99

Beef and Bleu Salad
Tender grilled steak on a bed of fresh greens topped with crumbled bleu cheese, tomatoes, roasted shiitake mushrooms, and fried potato sticks. Choice of dressing – $12.99

Finnegan's Irish Cobb Salad

Irish Cobb Salad
Chunks of corned beef, turkey, bacon, diced tomatoes, apple beet salad, bleu cheese crumbles and our very own scotch egg served over mixed baby greens. Choice of dressing – $11.99

The Leprechaun’s Rainbow V
A colorful array of fresh fruits served with raspberry sorbet – $11.99


Tender corned beef, fresh shaved cabbage, thousand island dressing, pickle, and Swiss cheese grilled on fresh marble rye bread. Wedge fries – $10.99

Finnegans corned beef

Tipperary Corned Beef Sandwich
Fresh baked pretzel roll with warm corned beef topped with sautéed onions and Swiss cheese lettuce, tomato and pickle. Wedge fries. – $10.99

Dublin Chicken Sandwich
Marinated grilled chicken breast topped with aged cheddar cheese and apple-smoked bacon on a toasted bun with lettuce, tomato and pickle. Wedge fries – $10.99

Grand Ole Burger
All beef burger on a toasted bun with your choice of Cheddar, Swiss or American cheese with lettuce, tomato and pickle. Wedge fries – $11.99 Make it a deluxe with bacon, onions, and mushrooms – $2.00

Black Bean Burger V
Vegetarians love this all-vegetable patty on a toasted bun with lettuce, tomato and pickle. Served with a medley of fresh fruits – $9.99

Fried Cod Fish Sandwich
Ale battered fried cod fish on a toasted bun with lettuce, tomato, pickle and tartar sauce. Wedge fries – $12.99

Shamrock Steak Sandwich
Grilled tips of beef with peppers and onions on a toasted baguette. Wedge fries – $11.99

Webb Burger
All beef burger piled high with tender corned beef & Swiss cheese served on a warm pretzel bun and topped with crispy potato onion webb, lettuce, tomato, and pickle.  Wedge fries $13.99

Beers and Ales

Premium Drafts
Bud Light, Yuengling, Blue Moon, Tennents, Guinness, Strongbow Cider, Harp, Smithwick’s

Bottled Beers
Budweiser, Bud Light, Miller Lite, Coors Light, Clausthaler, New Castle, Amstel Light, Heineken, Heineken Light, Corona

Irish Beer Shake
Guinness Stout blended with a creamy vanilla shake. Add Bailey’s Irish Cream or Jameson’s Irish Whiskey floater

Beer Cocktails
Black Velvet, Black & Tan, Irish Shandy Black & Blue, Blacksmith

Flight of Beer Sampler
Sample 5-four ounce beer cocktails and take home one of our Finnegan’s Souvenir Flight glasses!! Black and Tan, Blacksmith, Black and Blue, Black Velvet, Irish Shandy

Premium Draft Sampler
A sample of 5-four ounce import draft beers! Guinness, Smithwick’s, Blue Moon, Tennents, Harp

Specialty Drinks

Share a 40 oz. souvenir size and you keep the glass!!
Shark Attack
Be careful of what lurks in these deep blue waters. Coconut rum, Blue Curacao, pineapple juice and a splash of Sprite

Mummy’s Revenge
After drinking one of these you’ll be crying for your mummy. Vodka, Chambord, sweet & sour mix and triple sec

Try measuring this one on the Richter scale. Gold Tequila, Grand Marnier and sour mix

Too many of these and you’ll be looking for Toto. Whipped Vanilla and Orange Vodkas, triple sec and orange juice

Rum Neuralyzer
No flash of light will make you forget this fruity blend of Light Rum, Dark Rum, Blackberry and Banana Liqueur, all mixed together in a variety of juices

V- vegetarian option
** Menu and Prices are Subject to Change Without Notice **

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