Antojitos Authentic Mexican Food Menu

Universal Orlando | CityWalk

Antojitos Authentic Mexican Restaurant Menu at Universal CityWalk #UniversalDining #CityWalk #UniversalOrlando

At Antojitos Authentic Mexican Food, they serve only the freshest ingredients, cooked to perfection, making fantastic Mexican street food fare. Dishes include fresh tortillas; colorful vegetables; and succulent meats. Of course, the drink menu features authentic Mexican beverages too!

Open Sunday – Thursday: 4:00pm – 11:00pm, Friday -Saturday: 4:00pm – midnight

Restaurant Info: Mexican/Dinner/$$

Antojitos Menu – Dinner

Menu Date: 6/2017


Guacamole at Antojitos Authentic Mexican Restaurant at Universal CityWalk #UniversalDining #CityWalk #UniversalOrlando

Guacamole (GF)
Freshly prepared tableside with avocado, lime, tomato, garlic, red onion, green olives, and cilantro. Served with just made tortilla chips – $13.95

Crispy tortillas, house made queso, pico de gallo, guacamole, black beans, cheddar cheese, serrano chiles – $15.95

Queso Fundido 
Menonita cheese, chorizo sausage, ancho spice, fresh flour tortillas – $9.95


Salsa Trio
Queso poblano, cruda habanero, and chile de arbol – $3.95



antojitos Menu Quesadillas

Mushroom and Cheese – $12.95
Chicken – $14.95
Vegetable – $14.95
Steak or Shrimp – $15.95

Tamales (GF)
House made, fresh corn, red peppers, tequila mushroom, chicken raisin picadillo  – $8.95

Elotes (GF)
Roasted corn on the cob, jalapeno mayonaise, cotija cheese, ancho spice, fresh lime – $6.95

Crispy pork, corn masa, guajillo cheese, salsa verde, pico de gallo, queso fresco, avocado sauce – $9.95

Sopa de Tortilla
Ancho chile broth, chicken, avocado, queso fresco, crispy tortilla – $5.25

Tortas Y Ensaladas

Grilled Chicken Torta
Chorizo, menonita cheese, chipotle aioli, avocado, pickled jalapeños, yuca frita,  fresh slaw – $12.95

Pork Mojo Torta
Shaved pork loin, roasted tomato salsa, black bean puree, baby greens, peach pico de gallo, chipotle aioli, pickled jalapeños, yuca frita,  fresh slaw – $12.95

Taco Salad 
Beef machaca, romaine, tomatoes, jalapenos, avocado, cotija cheese, chile ancho tostadas, avocado dressing – $14.95

Adobo Chicken Salad (GF)
Grilled adobo chicken, avocado, jicama, romaine, piloncillo tomatoes, cotija cheese, garlic vinaigrette – $12.95


All served with sour cream, guacamole, refried beans and house rice

Enchiladas Verdes at Antojitos Authentic Mexican Restaurant at Universal CityWalk #UniversalDining #CityWalk #UniversalOrlando

Verdes (GF)
Chicken tinga, queso fresco, salsa verde – $15.95

Vegetarianas (GF)
Black beans, roast corn, chile poblanos, wild mushrooms, three chile sauce, queso fresco – $14.95

Braised pork, queso fresco, ranchero sauce, cilantro – $15.95

Beef machaca, house made mole sauce, queso fresco, cilantro – $15.50


Grilled with onions and peppers and served with house made flour tortillas, lettuce, guacamole, sour cream, cheese, pico de gallo

Pollo (GF)
Adobo chicken, sautéed peppers, and onions – for one $17.95, for two $25.95

Grilled Skirt Steak at Antojitos Authentic Mexican Restaurant at Universal CityWalk #UniversalDining #CityWalk #UniversalOrlando

Carne (GF)
Tequila marinated skirt steak, sautéed peppers, and onions – for one $21.95, for two $29.95

Vegetal (GF)
Fire grilled poblano, zucchini, yellow squash, corn, peppers, onions, wild mushrooms – for one $15.95, for two $22.95

Combinacion (GF)
Pick any two of the above fajita selections – for one $19.95, for two $30.95


Authentic tacos served with house made flour or corn tortillas, pickled radish, cilantro, rice, and refried beans

Pollo (GF)
Chicken tinga, pico de gallo, poblano peppers, salsa verde –  $14.95

Carne Asada Tacos at Antojitos Authentic Mexican Restaurant at Universal CityWalk #UniversalDining #CityWalk #UniversalOrlando


Carne (GF)
Beer braised beef, chile ancho, mestiza sauce, micro greens, cilantro jalapeno dressing- $15.95

Cochinita (GF)
Slow cooked achiote pork, orange lime marinade, roasted chipotle sauce, pickled red onion – $15.95

Camarones (GF)
Guajillo marinated shrimp, fresh slaw, peach salsa – $16.95

Pescado (GF)
Corn dusted cod, roasted chipotle sauce, pickled cactus, avocado, fresh slaw – $15.95


Beer braised chili pork, salsa verde, guacamole, queso fresco, grilled serano chile, black beans, house rice – $17.95

Chimichanga at Antojitos Authentic Mexican Restaurant at Universal CityWalk #UniversalDining #CityWalk #UniversalOrlando


Adobo chicken, mojo onions, queso fresco, cheese, salsa verde, guacamole, salsa ranchera, black beans, house rice – $15.95

Chicken or beef, house rice, pico de gallo, menonita cheese, topped with three chile sauce, and house made queso, guacamole, black beans – $14.95

Sakmon con Pipian (GF)
Grilled guajillo orange salmon, salsa verde, Swiss chard, boniato mash, roasted pumpkin seeds – $17.95

Mixiote Stew
Modelo negro braised goat, roasted vegetables, cilantro rice, refried beans, house made tortillas – $15.50

Mar y Tierra 
Sauteed shrimp, Mexican chorizo, skirt steak, roasted chipotle tomato sauce, queso fresco, house rice, house made flour tortillas – $17.95

Pork Loin
Cilantro grilled mojo, boniato mash, black beans, roasted corn, grilled pineapple – $17.95

Skirt steak, ancho chimichurri, grilled chorizo, black bean purée, house rice, crispy chile onions – $27.95

Combinación Especial
Pork tamale with beef machaca, enchilada verde, pork stuffed chile ancho, pickled onions, black beans, house rice – $16.95

Layered corn tortilla with braised pork, menonita cheese, house made mole blanco, black beans, roasted corn, chiles poblanos, wild mushrooms – $15.95


Choose your favorite side a la carte – $3.50
Black Beans
Refried Beans
Cilantro Rice
Roasted Vegetables
Yuca Fries
Sweet Plantains

Antojitos Menu – Dessert


100% Specialty Arabica ground coffee – $2.49

Espresso – $2.99

Espresso with steamed milk – $3.59

Cafe con Leche
Espresso with milk and sugar – $3.29

Hot Chocolate
Topped with whipped cream – $2.49

Mexican Coffee
Coffee, Jose Cuervo tequila, Kahlua, whipped cream – $8.00


Tres Leche
Fresh berries and toasted meringue – $5.00

Seasonal fruit, Mexican custard, ancho lime, fresh mint, churro – $6.50

Cheese Flan
Spanish caramel custard – $6.00

Guava Cupcake
Chocolate cupcake filled with guava sauce, stone fruit salsa, espresso chocolate sauce – $6.00

Fried Ice Cream
Granola crusted vanilla ice cream, raspberry sauce, chocolate chips, churros – $5.50

Cheesecake Chimichanga
Vanilla cream cheese infused with berries, pineapple salsa verde, sour cream ice cream – $5.50

Antojitos Menu – Kids Menu

Ages 9 and under


All entrees served with your choice of grapes, applesauce, or rice

Masa turnovers filled with cheese, served with salsa roja – $6.99

Grilled Chicken Breast
Adobo grilled chicken breast served over roasted vegetables and topped with pineapple salsa – $6.99

Your choice of chicken or ground beef on a flour tortilla or hard corn tortilla – $6.99

Cheese Quesadilla – $6.99
Chicken Quesadilla – $6.99
Veggie Quesadilla – $6.99


GF – can be prepared Gluten Free

** Antojitos Menu and Prices are Subject to Change Without Notice **