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Historical Disneyland Weather Information

Below is historical data for the Anaheim (Disneyland) area to help you get an idea of what you might expect for your trip. These are just average temperatures and precipitation amounts, and the actual temperature and precipitation can vary, especially during the winter months.

January Disneyland Weather

January Average High – 71ºF
January Average Low – 48ºF
January Average Daily Temperature – 60ºF
January Average Precipitation – 2.86 in.


February Average High – 71ºF
February Average Low – 48ºF
February Average Daily Temperature – 60ºF
February Average Precipitation – 3.18 in.


March Average High – 73ºF
March Average Low – 51ºF
March Average Daily Temperature – 62ºF
March Average Precipitation – 1.90 in.

April Disneyland Weather

April Average High – 76ºF
April Average Low – 53ºF
April Average Daily Temperature – 65ºF
April Average Precipitation – 0.80 in.


May Average High – 78ºF
May Average Low – 57ºF
May Average Daily Temperature – 48ºF
May Average Precipitation – 0.28 in.


June Average High – 81ºF
June Average Low – 61ºF
June Average Daily Temperature – 76ºF
June Average Precipitation – 0.10 in.

July Disneyland Weather

July Average High – 87ºF
July Average Low – 65ºF
July Average Daily Temperature – 76ºF
July Average Precipitation – 0.03 in.


August Average High – 89ºF
August Average Low – 65ºF
August Average Daily Temperature – 77ºF
August Average Precipitation – 0.01 in.


September Average High – 87ºF
September Average Low – 63ºF
September Average Daily Temperature – 75ºF
September Average Precipitation – 0.25 in.

October Disneyland Weather

October Average High – 82ºF
October Average Low – 58ºF
October Average Daily Temperature – 67ºF
October Average Precipitation – 0.72 in.


November Average High – 76ºF
November Average Low – 52ºF
November Average Daily Temperature – 64ºF
November Average Precipitation – 1.38 in.


November Average High – 70ºF
November Average Low – 47ºF
November Average Daily Temperature – 59ºF
November Average Precipitation – 2.02 in.


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