Give Kids The World Village Photo Tour

Give Kids the World Village Photo Tour

Give Kids the World Village Photo Tour

TheMouseForLess would like to let you know about a wonderful program. This program is for children with life threatening illnesses and for their families. It is called “Give Kids The World Village” and as MFL members, we can help do exactly that… Give Kids The World. This is a wonderful, caring organization that works with the Make A Wish Foundation, in giving families with terminally ill kids a 6 day vacation to Orlando and WDW free.  Check here for more information on Give Kids the World Village 

Give Kids the World Village Photo Screen Dreams Theater

Screen Dreams Theater

Give Kids the World Village Photo stepping stones

Stepping Stones

These stepping stones are found all around the Village

Give Kids The World Village Photo Amberville Sign

Welcome to Amberville


Give Kids the World Photo Amberville


The atmosphere is all whimsy and fun

Give Kids the World Bruce, Nemo and Dory


Bruce, Nemo and Dory swim in the moat around Amberville.

Give Kids The World Village Photo Tour takes us inside for some entertainment

Give Kids The World Village Photo Model railroad

Model Train, a must see for any enthusiasts

This is the model city and railroad is located inside of Amberville at Give Kids The World Village. You can make the train run, turn on lights, start the ferris wheel spinning, all with the touch of buttons located around the edges of the model train area.   Even adults will enjoy all the details.

Give Kids the World Village Photo model train

Model Train

Give Kids the World Village Photo teen room

Teen room complete with wi-fi

Give Kids The World Photo game room

The game room inside Amberville, SCORE!

Remote Control Boats, Ahoy!

Give Kids The World Village Photo Room

Control room for the remote control boats

This is the back side of the room where the “controls” are for the radio-controlled boats.

Give Kids the World Village Photo remote control boats

Drive safely captains

Here you can see the boats being “Captained” from inside the train station. The boats are outside in the moat.


Throwing away trash has never been so much fun! There are several of these “friendly” trashcans around the village.

elephant trashcan
If you hold your trash up to the elephant’s nose, it gets SUCKED inside!

Screen Dream
The Screen Dreams movie theatre has 120 seats.

movie theatre
The Screen Dreams movie theatre is also where Mickey and Minnie do a Meet and greet and take photos. Each family gets an 8×10 photo to take home with them.

Butterfly garden
Here’s a peek at the peaceful Butterfly garden.

Caring Center
This is the Caring Center. It is where Angels (volunteers) sign in and out. Families can also borrow books from the library here.

Caring Center
Another view of the Caring Center.

Ice Cream Palace
The Ice Cream Palace which serves all sorts of ice cream, along with sandwiches, hot dogs and drinks for a quick lunch during the day.

Bunny Bucks
Bunny Bucks which friends of visiting families can use to ‘purchase’ food items.

Ice Cream Palace Tables
Table bases inside the Ice Cream Palace are shaped like ice cream cones!

Haley and Alisha
As you can see, the food was delicious! By the way, these charming ladies are the granddaughters of Carol V. (Haley on the left) and Binne (Alisha on the right).

Ice Cream

courtyard fountain
The fountain in the courtyard

Chapel ceiling
This is the ceiling in the Chapel.

stained glass window
Faith stained glass window in the Chapel.

Chapel stained glass window
Love stained glass window in the Chapel.


stained glass
Another stained glass window in the Chapel.

stained glass window
Hope stained glass window in the Chapel.

stained glass window
Peace stained glass window in the Chapel.

Castle of Miracles
The Castle of Miracles was built in 1994. Just outside the door to the Castle is a beautiful carousel which was brought over from Holland. You can ride on roosters, pigs, lions, unicorns and seahorses. Additionally, kids and adults alike can roll right up onto the back of a turtle or a snail to join in the fun of a good old-fashioned carousel ride. These two animals were uniquely built for special guests in wheelchairs.


interactive game
The interactive game inside ot the Castle of Miracles was built by engineering students at Carnegie-Mellon. Their professor is the parent of a former wish child who stayed at GKTW.

Fe Fi Fo Fun Room ceiling
Look out for the GIANT hiding on the Fe Fi Fo Fun Room ceiling!

Fe Fi Fo Fun Room ceiling
The Fe Fi Fo Fun Room contains some great toys, dress up costumes
and an awesome supply of LEGOS!

Gold stars cover the majority of the Castle sky
As they check in at the Village, each Wish Child is given a gold star on which they sign their name. After making a wish, they leave their star in the Castle and at night after everyone is asleep, the bewitching Star Fairy places their star on the ceiling to shine brightly for all to see. Currently, gold stars cover the majority of the Castle sky as a permanent reminder of those Wish Children who have visited before. Families frequently return many years later and are overjoyed to see their Wish Child’s special star still keeping watch over the Village.

bottomless wishing-well
There is a bottomless wishing-well inside of the Grand Hall.

Grand Hall Magical Mirror
The “Magical Mirror” inside of the Grand Hall transforms our little girls into Queens!

Magical Mirror
The girls place their face in to a “circle” which triggers the transformation.

drawers and cabinets
There is a wall full of drawers and cabinets inside the Castle that can be open, closed and pulled causing lots of funny noises!

This certificate is given to families when they check in – it is redeemed in the Castle for a magic pillow – several list members
have made the pillowcases!

magic pillow machine
This is the magic pillow machine. As the pillow is “made”, it chugs and churns and feathers fly!

Then, POOF!!! Out comes your special pillow. Haley displays hers.

Alisha too, shares her own personal pillow. (And if you look closely in the background, you’ll see our Beccy’s son Michael!)

King Haley
Haley, transformed to a KING, inside of the Castle.

Queen Haley
Changing her mind, Haley decides to be QUEEN!

Gingerbread House
This is the Gingerbread House. Meals here are provided by Perkins. In 1989 the house cost $600,000 to build. This was all raised by donations. Staffed by 16 full and part-time Perkins employees, breakfast, lunch and dinner are served.

peppermint candy tables
The table tops are made with 27,000 real peppermint candies.

Visiting families have donated more than 1000 dolls which are displayed around the building’s ceiling. There are dolls dressed in national costumes, a history of Barbie and even some Disney Princess’s. There is also a player piano that plays lots of childhood tunes!

serving line
One of the serving lines inside the Gingerbread House.

Gingerbread Mascot
A Gingerbread Mascot

metal trucks and trains
For the boys there is a room containing a large collection of priceless antique metal trucks and trains.

Here’s a closer view of some of the room’s trucks.

Ol Elmer
Ol Elmer can be found between Gingerbread House and the pool.

Ol Elmer sign
Ol Elmer has a sign which doesn’t tell you that he SNORES!

yellow submarine
Special permission was granted GKTW to paint their gas tanks.
By law, these must be white and easily spotted. As you can see, they are now “yellow submarines”, complete with John, Paul, George and Ringo – the Beatles.

Claytonburg Park of Dreams
Claytonburg Park of Dreams entry-way sign

pool area
This is inside pool area. This is where Shamu dances during the Monday
night pool parties – A D.J. also sets up here.

The pool is complete with a ramp and a plastic wheelchair to give access to those in wheelchairs. There was one touching story of a disabled father of one of the wish children who, due to the ramp and chair, was able to swim with his children for the very first time.

Shamu's Happy Harbor
This is Shamu’s Happy Harbor. You can fish off of this boat in the fully-stocked lake. It’s just behind the pool.

Mayor Clayton's (miniature) house
Mayor Clayton’s (miniature) house is complete with miniature furniture that the kids can sit on.

miniture baby carriage
A miniture baby carriage inside Mayor Clayton’s house.

sitting room
The “sitting room” inside of Mayor Clayton’s house.

miniture furniture
Without something to compare to, this miniture furniture looks lifesize!


Inside of Mayor Clayton's house
Another view of the inside of Mayor Clayton’s house.

Each family stays in a 2 bedroom villa, complete with a living room and full kitchen.

Marc's Dino Putt
Named after Marc McConnell (an inspirational child who visited GKTW), Marc’s Dino Putt is a 7 hole putt-putt golf course. It was donated by Universal Studios-Orlando. There is plenty of room for wheelchairs on this course. Each hole has a special effects trick in addition to the sound of roaring or yapping dinosaurs whenever the ball makes it in the cup.

You will find 11 of the world’s friendliest dinosaurs here. The designers used cheery colors and smooth skin and features when designing these dinosaurs, to make them fun, not scary, to the children that visit.


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