Making a Disney Wish List: Disney World Fireworks Dinners

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Disney Fire Works Dinners
If you are a fireworks or night time spectacular fan there is no greater pleasure than enjoying a  Disney World fireworks dinner.

When I get back to Disney I will want to experience the best of what Disney has to offer and that means Disney Fireworks dinners.  Disney World does a spectacular job at doing these.  Last January, on a father son- trip with my son Stu we got to experience four of these dinners.  When making your Disney wish list we can suggest these fireworks dinners and others to make your nest trip to Disney your best trip to Disney.

More than one Disney World Fireworks Dinner: Topolino’s Terrace

Topolino’s Terrace is located on the tenth floor of the new Riviera. Topolino’s is a fine dining experience in an elegant room featuring panoramic views over much of Disney World. As such you can see the fireworks at Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom and Epcot.  If you had only one evening to see the fireworks this will be the place to go.

Disney World's Fireworks Dinners
You can see the Magic Kingdom’s nighttime spectacular over the roof of the Riviera Resort.

The best place to view Hollywood Studios fireworks is from the terrace bar at the back of the restaurant. At the same time you can also view the Magic Kingdom show. Unfortunately, the tower over the lobby blocks some of the Magic Kingdom fireworks but there is another view from the window in the waiting room that is excellent.

Disney World Fireworks Dinner
Epcot Forever fireworks seem to explode right outside the windows of Topolino’s Terrace.

Of all the viewable Disney World’s Fireworks, the star at Topolino’s Terrace is the Epcot’s nighttime spectacular. The Riviera overlooks Epcot’s World Showcase Lagoon and has an amazing view of the fireworks. High shots seem to appear at eye level. There isn’t a seat in the restaurant that can’t enjoy the show. To enjoy the lower elements we found that the best spot is the terrace or window seats.

You don’t need a reservation to get a seat in the bar. When we were there seats were available. I suggest getting a drink and heading to the terrace to enjoy the show. But, do it quickly, this gem is likely to be crowded soon.

Toledo – Tapas, Steak, & Seafood, located in Coronado Springs Gran Destino Tower, offers views of Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Like Topolino’s Terrace the music for the fireworks shows are not piped in.

Ultimate Magic Kingdom Disney World Fireworks: California Grill

You can’t get a better dinner or a better nighttime spectacular experience than at California Grill atop the Contemporary Resort. This always tops our Disney World wish list and is a great way to celebrate your return.  During Happily Ever After they dim the lights and pipe in the show music. The wait staff does their best to not obstruct your view during the nighttime spectacular.

Disney World Fire Works Dinner
They say the viewing is even better from the California Grill Terrace. I don’t know. I prefer indoor viewing with a great dessert or a glass of wine.

With a glass of wine and comfortable chairs this is the premier location for the Magic Kingdom fireworks. At fine dining prices you pay for the view. One option is to eat an earlier meal at California Grill and come back for the fireworks show on the terrace.  Bring your receipt to get in.

Of all our Walt Disney World Fireworks Dinner this was our favorite show and some of our favorite food.

Other Restaurants where you can Magic Kingdom Fireworks

  • The Grand Floridian’s Narcoossee’s has a large viewing deck outside to view the fireworks. The restaurant floors are tiered allowing more tables to view the fireworks.
  • The Polynesian provides nighttime spectacular experiences in the ever popular ‘Ohana. Ohana has a wall of windows directly facing the castle which provides a great view of the fireworks.

Epcot’s Fireworks – Spice Road Table

Sitting along the World Showcase Lagoon in the Morocco pavilion, Spice Road Table provides great views of the Epcot nighttime spectacular from both the patio seating and the restaurant seats, The roofs for the patio and the restaurant can block the higher elements for all but the first two rows of seating.  With the expected change to Epcot’s show this is the first place we will book.

Spice Road Table
One of the most underappreciated fireworks viewing locations are the ringside seats at Epcot’s Spice Road Table

We found our seats amazing as one of the jet ski teams added an interesting element by setting up mere feet away throughout the show. Spice Road Table, along the water in the Morocco pavilion is the Disney World fireworks dinner hidden gem. When we were there open seats were available throughout our stay. Stu and I speculated that this could have been due to the weather (it was chilly) or the food. The space heaters took care of the chill. The Steak and chicken on the menu should help the picky eaters.

Epcot’s other Disney World Fireworks Dinners:

  • La Hacianda de San Angel is partially built on a pier in the Showcase Lagoon.  With it’s unique location and large window the restaurant provides great views of the nighttime spectacular.  Just remember to ask for window seats to get the best possible view.
  • The Rose and Crown’s patio has the best view Epcot nighttime show.  Unfortunately, Disney knows this and charges $89 per adult for the experience.  Still, this is your wish list and why not go for the best.
  • The way to get the best view of the fireworks offered at Tokyo Dining will be to request and wait for seats along the windows. Otherwise, you risk being blocked by  several large columns.
  • If you manage to get a seat at Monsieur Paul you can have a great view of the fireworks if your seat is along the windows.  If not, enjoy some of the best food in Disney.  That alone puts Monsieur Paul on my wish list.

A Character Disney World Fireworks Dinner: Crystal Palace

It’s too bad that the Crystal Palace did not hold true to it’s London namesake and have a ceiling of glass. If it had it would be the perfect fireworks viewing location. As it is, the Magic Kingdom’s Chrystal Palace has no internal viewing of the fireworks and no external seating.  But don’t let that stop you from adding this to your wish list!

Disney World Fire Works Dinners
The porch at Crystal Palace provided us with the most dramatic views.

If you want to view the fireworks during your dinner tell your server and then step out onto the porch. The porch has some of the best views of Happily Ever After. Located across the hub from the castle you are in the midst of the action. Due to low hanging clouds on the night we were there we even got a variety of the show that had most of the fireworks to the left of the castle. Because of this the fireworks went off right in front of us.  We couldn’t have wished for more!

When the fireworks were done we swung by the buffet, picked up a plate of food and went back to a clean table. All we had left to do for a great end to our Disney World fireworks dinners was to sit back, eat good food and wait for a Pooh hug.  A hug from Pooh is reason enough for the crystal palace to be on anyone’s wish list!

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