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After I signed off the last post I had high hopes of a 7am arrival to the MK for morning EMH on Dec 29 (Wednesday). Well, that didn’t happen! We slept in a little bit and decided to go to DHS as we had a reservation for the SciFi Dine In. This is one of the worst places to eat at Disney but we just love the ambiance of sitting in a dark quiet drive in theatre. I never advise straying from burgers at this place as things are iffy once you move on, but its one of our traditions to dine here. Our reservation was for 12:30pm, but we arrived at 11:40am and were seated promptly. The restaurant was supposedly “sold out” but there were plenty of available seats. I had the burgers and the black bean salad, and Suzanne had a burger and fries and I let her order a milkshake. The entire meal was fine, even that weird black bean salad, and we went on to the rest of the park. Of course it was packed–like crazy “what the heck am I doing here” packed. Saw muppets and did the Back Lot Tour. It was a bit chilly but Suzanne wanted to swim so we headed back to the resort so she could get in the pool. She stayed in the pool for a while and we decided to go somewhere for dinner. Went back to the Studios to see the Osborne Festival of Lights, which I love despite not being a “Christmas-y” person. Tried to see Fantasmic but the line was horribly long, and not moving. Crossed that one from the list and we walked over to Epcot for food and to see Illuminations. (Its probably over a mile, but a nice walk and would have been faster than the boat or bus–Disney was running busses from DHS to Epcot because crowd levels were so high.)

It was a brisk walk as it was pretty chilly. Tried a couple of places on the Boardwalk for food but nothing available. Ended up at the Tangierine Cafe (Epcot/Morocco) for dinner. In November I had eaten there a couple of times and loved the chicken wrap, so I thought it would be a good option as this is not a popular place to eat. Got the food and sat down (inside, thankfully) and it was not as good as I had in November. Don’t know what happened to the chicken but Suzanne picked at it and I ate mine. She was still hungry so I bought her some baklava at the coffee shop in that restaurant, and it was pretty good. Ordered some Moroccan Mint Tea for myself which was really, really good–and I will order this again and even look up how to make it. We were able to see Illuminations from a new location (in front of the funnel cake kiosk) and the show was excellent. For the holidays they do a finale with the “Peace on Earth” theme. And when you think about it, this earth really does need some peace. Its a good message and a fabulous finale.

Epcot had Extra Magic Hours so we decided to stay late and get some attractions done. As we walked through there was a lonely Cast Member standing at a kiosk in Germany and he said hello to us. Since he was at a kiosk I had never seen at Disney I walked over to him and asked what he was selling. It was “Gluhwein” or “Gluvine” depending upon where you’re from. Basically it is a mulled red wine, served very warm. Sort of like a hot toddy, but made with wine. I thought it was pretty good, and we walked through the rest of the World Showcase.

Since the chicken was sitting on Suzanne’s stomach she needed some starchy carbs to soak it up. We rode the Maelstorm and then got a sweet pretzel at Kringla Bakery in Norway. Headed to Test Track and found it to be stopped with a long line, so we went to Mouse Gear to look around. By now we were both pretty tired and we headed to the busses, which thankfully were all split for the All Star Resorts. Our room at Movies was actually closer to the bus stop at Music, so we hopped on the Music bus and were in our resort room within 20 minutes. Worked a little bit and went to bed. Next: Dec 30–our last day.

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