Rikki’s Mouse Bites – Walt Disney World News 9/8/14

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  • The Harmony Barbershop, found at the Magic Kingdom’s Main Street U.S.A. will be closed for a refurbishment from February 5 through March 30.
  • If you’ve been to Downtown Disney lately and you are driving, you should really consider utilizing valet parking.  Recently valet parking prices changed. Guests are now charged based on how long they park:
      • 0-2 hours: $10
      • 2-3 hours: $15
      • 3 hours or more: $20
  • A few Disney Restaurants are testing allergy friendly menus for a few weeks.  The test will see that in some cases it will no longer be necessary for a chef to speak with the guest. Instead selections can be made directly from the special menu.The restaurants include:

The test will run until October 20.

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