Where to Find the Disney Princesses at Walt Disney World

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Princess meet and greet

Looking for Disney princesses at Walt Disney World?  Look no further.  Pictured below are many hours of my life. Listed below are the current locations (including character dining) that Guests can meet the Disney Princesses during regular theme park admission.  I have not included character meet and greets that are only available at the Halloween or Christmas parties.

Magic Kingdom


Ariel’s grotto is located in the new Fantasyland section at the Magic Kingdom.  FastPasses are available for this attraction.  This meet and greet with Ariel includes the only location you’ll get to meet Ariel with her mermaid tail.  Even though this queue is well themed and covered (you are actually inside the grotto), Ariel’s grotto queue is not air conditioned and can get quite hot during summer months.

Ariel's grotto

Cinderella & Elena /Tiana & Rapunzel

These princesses are located near the carousel in the Magic Kingdom at Princess Fairy Tale Hall.  The princess line up has changed slightly over the years, but the current set-up has one line that includes Cinderella and Elena and another queue that includes Tiana and Rapunzel.  These meet and greets have Fastpasses available and most of the queue is located indoors.

Princess Fairytale Hall

Snow White

At least during this holiday season Snow White had a meet and greet directly next to the fire station on Main Street.  This is a fairly new meet and greet and Snow White’s meet and greet changes frequently, but it was a beautiful meet and greet.  No Fastpass is available for this meet and greet.

Magic Kingdom


You can meet Jasmine (often with Aladdin) in Adventureland.  Look under an awning near the Magic Carpets of Aladdin.

Magic Kingdom


Merida can be difficult for visitors to find unless they are looking for her.  Walk over the bridge to the right of the castle like you’re heading to the area that is between Tomorrowland and Fantasyland.  Merida’s meet and greet is located on a trail on the left (before you reach Tomorrowland) that cuts up behind the castle.  There are no Fastpasses available for this meet and greet and the line can really back up on more crowded days.  However, it’s a really well themed area and you can even do activities in the gardens such as practicing your archery.

Magic Kingdom


While Tinkerbell isn’t a Princess, we figured we’d include her on this list. She meets in Town Hall near talking Mickey.  FastPasses are available for this meet and greet.  You can wait inside in air conditioning for this meet and greet so it’s a good place to go if it’s raining or you need to cool off.

Magic Kingdom

Character Meals located inside the Magic Kingdom

Cinderella’s Royal Table (Cinderella, Jasmine, Aurora, Snow White, Ariel)

If you want to meet Cinderella inside her castle, here’s your chance.  You cannot enter this location without a restaurant reservation.  After entering the castle/restaurant check in area, you and your party immediately are able to take a picture with Cinderella while you wait for your table to be ready.  A Disney Photopass photographer will be available for the picture with Cinderella, but make sure you have a phone/camera for pictures of the other princesses while dining.  This is generally the set-up for most character dining.  Once your table is ready you can meet a variety of princesses who come to your table while you eat.  When we went it was Jasmine, Aurora, Snow White, and Ariel (this could be subject to change).  This can be a hard dining reservation to get if you are not booking 180 days out.  If you are on the Disney Dining plan this meal will count as 2 table service credits.

Cinderella's Royal Table

Be Our Guest

I’m including this to clear up confusion.  You cannot meet Princess Belle at Be Our Guest.  While the inside of the restaurant is amazingly themed as the Beast’s Castle, you CANNOT meet any princesses inside the castle.  At dinner time you can meet the Beast (but Belle is not included).  Breakfast and lunch have no characters included.  Below is where you can meet Princess Belle in the Magic Kingdom.


Enchanted Tales with Belle

If you want to meet Princess Belle at the Magic Kingdom the only place to meet her is in the attraction Enchanted Tales with Belle.  This is not the traditional meet and greet and is a much more interactive type of experience.  The great thing is your child (or you) can volunteer to have a part in a quick play involving the retelling of Belle’s story.  One lucky boy or girl will even get to dance with Belle!  This is a fun change of pace for a meet and greet.  A pro- you get a bookmark as a souvenir.  A con- Belle does not sign signature books at this location, so plan on getting your Belle signature somewhere else.  This attraction has FastPass available.

Magic Kingdom


Anna & Elsa

Located in the Norway section of the World Showcase, Anna and Elsa have a darling meet and greet in a quaint Norwegian themed cottage.  The queue is mostly indoors and well themed.  FastPass is not available for this meet and greet.  There is one line and once you’re to the end you get to meet both Anna and Elsa.


For all the characters listed below check the schedule on the My Disney Experience app on the day you plan on visiting.  They do not meet all day and often have limited hours for meeting. 

Another tip to beat the lines is to show up at the location in the World Showcase about 10 minutes prior to the listed time on the My Disney Experience app (preferably with a yummy World Showcase drink or snack to pass the time).  That way you’re first or near the front of the line.  Once the princess actually shows up the line often grows due to people passing by who see them and decide to stop.

Belle and Aurora

If you want to get Belle’s signature this is the only place to do it.  Most of the year Belle meets in her blue and white dress in this location, but at Christmas time you might be able to catch her in her red winter dress.  In Epcot, Belle is located in the World Showcase in the France area.  Aurora also meets in the France pavilion, but you have to wait in separate lines/locations inside the France pavilion for these princesses.  The two meet and greet spots are back in the France gardens and along the railing as you enter the France area of the World Showcase.  Currently it appears that Belle is meeting in the gardens and Aurora is meeting along the walkway near the railing, but sometimes these princesses are switched.  Check the My Disney Experience app for the current set-up.  These queues are not covered and can get quite hot if sunny.    FastPass is not available for these meet and greets.



If you want to meet Mulan the only place to do it at Disney World is in the World Showcase in the China Pavilion.  Mulan meets right at the entrance to the China pavilion area.  FastPass is not available and the queue is not covered.


Snow White

Snow White has a meet and greet beside a quaint old well and cottage at the edge of the Germany pavilion.  FastPass is not available and the queue is not covered.



Jasmine meets back in a small building back in the Morocco pavilion in the World Showcase.  The queue is covered and her meet and greet is indoors so it can be a good break to get out of the rain or hot weather.


Character Meals

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall (Belle, Ariel, Aurora, Snow White, Cinderella)

If you’re looking for a princess meal at Epcot book a reservation for Akershus.  This reservation, while popular, can sometimes be a bit easier to get than Cinderella’s Royal Table.  Plus, it’s cheaper and only costs 1 table service credit if you’re on the Disney Dining Plan.  You meet Belle upon entry while waiting to be seated.  When we went the princesses who met us at our table included Ariel, Aurora, Snow White, and Cinderella (however this is subject to change).  Pictured below is Aurora leading the boys and girls in the Princess Parade around the restaurant.


Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Currently Hollywood Studios doesn’t have much in the way of princess meet and greets.  In the past you could meet Moana here, but currently Moana is not available to meet during regular operation of the parks.  There are rumors she is coming to Magic Kingdom, but we’ll have to see.  Hopefully she’ll back soon.

Sophia (Disney Junior)

Sophia has a meet and greet in the Animation Courtyard at Hollywood Studios and also meets as part of the Disney Junior breakfast at Hollywood and Vine.  Make sure you book the breakfast option if you want to dine with the Disney Junior characters.  Fastpass is not available for this meet and greet.

HOllywood and Vine

Disney’s Animal Kingdom


If you want to meet Pocahontas the only place to do it is Animal Kingdom.  Her meet and greet can be very hard to find.  Before crossing the bridge into Dinoland look for the small path to the right.  This is where her queue begins.  Her queue is not covered and Fastpass is not available for this attraction.

Animal Kingdom

Character Meals at Disney Resorts

If you want to get some Princess time in and you don’t have a park ticket just make a reservation at one of these Walt Disney resort restaurants.

1900 Park Fare (Grand Floridian)

1900 Park Fare dinner includes a meet and greet with Cinderella and her prince.  It’s a yummy buffet that is one table service credit if you’re on the Disney Dining plan.  You also get to meet her step-sisters and her step-mother in this fun and playful meet and greet, which is generally a hoot.  If you want to meet Cinderella’s family make sure you book a dinner reservation as the breakfast has an assortment of Disney characters that don’t include any princesses.

Grand Floridian

Trattoria al Forno (Boardwalk area)

My personal favorite princess meal is located in the Boardwalk resort area at Trattoria al Forno.  This princess meal includes Rapuzel, Flynn Ryder, Ariel, and Eric.  Adding the princes gives this princess meal a fun change of pace.  Plus the food is really good too!  You order from a menu and it is 1 table service credit if you’re on the Disney Dining Plan.  Make sure you book the breakfast (which hours go through 12:05pm) if you want to meet the characters.  The dinner option at this location does not include any characters.

Boardwalk area Disney Princesses

Extra Princess options (which I haven’t had a chance to do yet):

You can also book a Princess Tea at the Grand Floridian.  I’ve never done it because it’s $$$, but just so you know that’s another option as well.

Also at the Grand Floridian around 3:30 there is a Princess Promenade, in which Cinderella and Prince Charming will descend the staircase in the Grand Floridian and dance together.

Have fun and enjoy all the magical Disney Princesses moments on your Disney vacation!

What are your must meet Disney Princesses? Share them in the comments! 

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