Yak & Yeti: A Yummy Place to Eat in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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The Yak & Yeti Restaurant, located in Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom, is a solid choice for enjoying a flavorful meal while being surrounded by fascinating artifacts.



The Story About the Restaurant and The Atmosphere


The backstory of Yak & Yeti is that a wealthy merchant named Arjun fell upon bad times.  His house was situated near the base of Mount Everest in the village of Anandapur.  Many travelers and traders passed through Anandapur, and Arjun turned his large house into a hotel.  A keen eye can spot the hotel room keys hanging in the lobby.



Outside the restaurant, travelers may encounter others passing through Anandapur.  We met a Cast Member who wrote our names in Thai.



Throughout Yak & Yeti are a collection of artifacts and furniture that Arjun has collected from his time as a merchant.  Regardless of where diners are seated, it’s worth doing a quick tour of the place to see these relics.






Yak & Yeti has a bar and some seating on the bottom floor, and there is more seating on the upper floor.  I like to ask for a table upstairs near the window for a nice view.


The Food

Yak & Yeti specializes in Pan-Asian Cuisine.  I’ve tried several of the entrees here, and have yet to discover one that I did not devour with relish!  On this visit, I ordered the Korean Beef.  This entree was wok fried beef with a tangy Korean BBQ sauce accompanied by peppers, onions, and pineapple.  The combination of accompaniments gave the meal a bit of a sweet and sour flavor.  A hearty serving of rice completed the entree.  I would order it again in a heartbeat!


On a previous visit, I enjoyed the Chicken Lo Mein.  Chicken Lo Mein is a dish commonly ordered anywhere offering Asian Cuisine, but this particular Chicken Lo Mein is the best I have had!  The carrots, green onions, cabbage, and bean sprouts were all fresh.  Chicken was plentiful, and the noodles were delicious.



Yak & Yeti also offers one of my favorite adult beverages at Walt Disney World.  The Yak Attack is made of Mango Daiquiri, Don Q Crystal Rum, and Wild Berry Flavors.  It is a pretty drink to look at and a fruity drink to enjoy.



The Fried Wontons are Yak & Yeti’s signature dessert.  Those consist of pineapple and cream cheese wontons served on a skewer and drizzled with a honey vanilla sauce.  It is served with vanilla ice cream.  Although the Fried Wontons can easily call my name, I ordered the sorbet dessert.  The sorbet flavors were mango, lemon, and raspberry.  It was a perfect trifecta of flavors with which to end the meal!



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